Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo Da Vinci)

You’ve probably noticed but I am a big fan of Empreinte lingerie. I have discovered this brand when I was 18, looking for pretty full-bust bras in Toulouse streets… At this time of my life, this brand was a bit intimidating as the designs and marketing seemed to be directed toward grown-up women.

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Empreinte is a full-bust brand founded in the French city of Brest in 1946. In this post-war France, the brand was creating shapewear and petticoat, but quickly, demand for cup sized, more comfortable bras arised. Empreinte values were focused on innovation and finally replaced its shapewear range by lighter pieces of lingerie and swimwear. The creation of Lycra (by the American company Du pont de Nemours) really changed the game for the company. Around 1990, Empreinte starts its international expansion and gets known for its Savoir-Faire and consistent elegance.

[Empreinte Elena from their AW17 collection. Still want this set so badly!]

 Now in 2018, Empreinte is still a rather small company with about 130 employees and I love to see that they still care about quality, consistency and respect of their workers. All of their pieces are still cut in their Brest factory and are now put together in Marocco, Brest and Tunisia.

[ Tosca Bodysuit from upcoming AW19 collection. Isn’t it to die for?]

I have loved this brand for their elegant imagery, focusing on the beauty and fit of the products, their passion for the smallest detail and finition, and also the luxurious univers around it. I loved how proud they are to consistently provide well-fitting products, and great service in their Ateliers . Today I want to introduce the Revolution range, Empreinte seamless bras collection. For me this is Empreinte “foundation” range.
Despite what we could imagine, well-fitting seamless lingerie requires a lot of skills and is an highly technical product, so imagine doing it with luxurious lace?

[ Empreinte Cassiopée in Rose Sauvage ]

Cassiopée is the first Empreinte bra I have ever owned. I didn’t fall in love with it before I actually tried it on. This bra is pure magic. I wish I could have several colorways. Honestly, it is one of my favorite pieces of lingerie. The embroidery is stellar, so unique and precious. At first, (I mean, before trying it on) I wasn’t so sure about this geometric lace but then after trying it on I simply fell in love with the ensemble. When I see this set, I think about astronomy and cathedral architecture.The finishes are amazing and the fit is incredible. I really didn’t expect it to look so good because I usually count on seams to shape my breasts, but this bra does the job of a padded bra without being padded. The embroidered lace is made from elastane free embroidery and it took 2 years to perfect the molding technique. This method actually involves putting delicate lace through high temperatures without damaging it, so I can imagine it was tricky. Cassiopée will always be an all time favorite of mine.

[Empreinte Melody balconnet bra in black]

Melody is another well-named bra. I find it to be very romantique, with a discrete but sophisticated elegance. I had the chance to try the strapless version and as you can imagine, it was an immediate crush. Now I feel like I need the original balconnet in black because I am a big fan of this transparency and geometrical floral lace. This molded chantilly lace gives the right amount of glamour to this everyday bra. As you can see from the straps width, this bra is made for comfort as much as classiness and Empreinte narrow wires make the cups deeps and comfortable for the armpits. This collection features 6 different bras cuts, 4 types of coordinates and a suspender belt.

[Empreinte Nikki Full cup bra in Denim ]

Daisies used to be my favorite flowers as a child. I find them sympathetic and uncomplicated. Happy. I have plenty of memories with daisies. Nikki was certainly designed with joy in mind. I think this collection has a very different vibe through the diverse colorways. Some were very Spring-like, but with this blue, it looks more like the perfect pair of jeans, nice looking, easy to wear at anytime, no need to think too much, comfort guaranteed. Nikki, however isn’t a style I would reach for, I guess you can’t love everything, right?

[Empreinte Cassiopée Spacer bra in Rose Sauvage]

Well, if it took 2 years to develop the process of molding lace, it took 3 years to develop a ”padded” version that would be as light. The Cassiopée Spacer bra features 3mm thick cups which are meant to be completely invisible under clothes while providing extreme comfort and a feel of security. The geometric pattern of the foam matches the lace very well and makes the ensemble more sophisticated than the usual t-shirt bra. I am not a padded cup person but I think this bra is made to be everything but bulky. It seems breathable, comfy and super light (I have touched it, it’s amazing).

 [Empreinte Verity plunge in Ardoise]

Verity is a bra that really intrigues me, construction-wise. The graphic lace makes it looks almost padded, although, like the other bras of the Revolution range, it is molded. This bra also exists as a spacer and a balconnet. For some reasons this lace pattern gives me some Japanese illustration vibes.

[Empreinte Grace in Black and Blush]

Guys, if you are looking for a comfortable cup-sized bodysuit, then you got it here. While I don’t like the bra in this blush colorway, the Grace bodysuit is super flattering and comfortable. I had the opportunity to try it on and I was so amazed! It looked like it was made to my measurements. If I hadn’t tell you before, for every cup size, Empreinte uses a different size of wires. This makes sister-sizing a little bit tricky, but it also means that once you find your size you can stick to it and most of their pieces will fit you like a dream. Well, this bodysuit fitted me very nicely. The bottom part is similar to a boxer short so it provides a good coverage and looks beautiful around the hips. The floral lace is also quite unique and classy. I honestly don’t feel like the blush colorway makes it look at its best but I think the color itself could look very soft on some skin tones, as it is kind of a ballerina pink. Anyway, I totally understand why this range is a continuity.

The whole Revolution range shows an amazing timeless beauty and craftsmanship that I haven’t seen anywhere else in this way so far. While Empreinte has more “show stoping” pieces, Revolution has the perfect amount of practicality and luxury for everyday wear.

Have you tried those bras before? And if you could get one of them, which one would you pick?

Yours truly,

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