Hey dear readers! Today’s post is a review that I have been wanting to write for about 6 months and I am quite excited about it. I somehow got lost into all the other things I had to do and I think I mostly wanted to take new pictures with this set so that you don’t feel like this is a sponsored post but after much thinking, I realized that:
♦Those are pictures taken on film that have been unretouched except for the light.
♦I also love those pictures and I am really happy to share them with you guys.

[Ellesmere lingerie did not require a review. All pieces are samples that I received as a model for the brand and all opinions are my owns.]

Ellesmere lingerie is a brand I fell in love with, a little bit more than a year ago, after discovering that the designer behind the brand was based in Montreal. We quickly connected and after seeing her work in real life, I had no choice but becoming a fan. I plan on putting together an interview so that y’all can learn more about the amazing Wonder Woman behind Ellesmere but first, I am dying to tell you about one of my favorite sets from her Fruit collection.

I have got to try a lot of indie brands during the past 3 years and to be honest I have always been a bit suspicious about indie designers doing underwired fullbust bras. Often you realize that a lot of people can make something that could cover your breasts but not necessarily in a beautiful, well fitting way and I have been disappointed more than once sadly. I also had good experiences of course but not often enough to trust unexperienced company 100%. However, when I tried Ellesmere lingerie bras I knew that I could grow a collection of bras from this brand without any hesitation. I am usually a UK 30G/30GG and size US 6 and these samples were made in a 30GG and size Small. Note that the size range virtually goes up to a 36G. Some sizes aren’t listed but you can ask for a custom design up to this size and its sister sizes.

Aesthetically, this set is everything I like. I am talking about sheer, contrast, shine, perfect construction. You can see from the picture above that my breasts asymmetry is showing a little bit, with my right breast not looking as full in the cup as the left one. However, despite this difference, the bra is just closed enough at the top to hide this “issue” and the fabric doesn’t wrinkled as much as it would with other bras that I own. The two thirds of the bra are lined with mesh. I really love the three-parts construction of the unpadded cups and the fact that all the seams are vertical. Because of that, the cups provide subtle cleavage and enough projection for everything to stay in place comfortably through the day while looking neat and pretty.

Really, I love how neat Julia’s designs look. It’s a soft, feminine but not extra girly aesthetic that matches my own tastes. Honestly, I feel so precious when wearing this gold and black set. Something I also noticed was the attention to detail. The stitching is very clean even for samples.

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Fit wise, the gore tacks perfectly and comfortably on my sternum and the wires are medium width. The straps are fully-adjustable and wide enough for my taste and the band features 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes. I really appreciate the underbust band at the front of the bra, which is something that is often missing with independent designers lingerie. Some people might like to not have it but for me it makes a bra more comfortable and the wires softer on the skin. I wear this bra on the loosest or the middle set of hooks and eyes depending on the day but I would say that it is a rather true to size 30 band. It is simply very pleasant to wear on a daily basis.

I do not own this exact matching suspender belt, though I own other suspenders from the brand and might buy this one at some point because it made me feel like a million dollars. I wear a Small in this style and it fits me well. I need to wear rather high stockings with it though. I personally prefer 6 straps suspenders because I don’t feel secure with 4 straps when my day is busy. I usually use this type of suspenders with hold ups instead of traditional stockings because they tend to slip a little bit through the day if the stockings are stretchy or not long enough. It is really pretty and delicate, though. I love the gold hardware and the sheer front. This suspender features three sets of two hooks and eyes at the back and I wear it at the middle one. It makes this set look just sleek and well-thought.
The high-waisted brief in size Small fits my waist very well but I think my bum would need a Medium to get a full coverage through the day. I don’t have any issue with Ellesmere’s bikinis in size Small but somehow my bum tends to eat the high-waisted ones. Nevertheless, I like that its stretchy mesh gives such a smooth line under clothes. Another thing is that I wish this brief sat a little bit higher on my torso to reach my natural waist, but that is more of an aesthetic preference since this length is actually perfect to wear under my highwaisted jeans.

I ended up gifting a Black Plum set to my “mum-in-law” (who is also full-busted) as she fell in love with it after seeing my pictures. She is a little bit out of the size range both in the band and in the cup so we had to order a custom design and I believe that she is wearing it quite often now (*proud*), and even ordered another set from the brand.

The fact that Ellesmere lingerie prices are in Canadian dollars makes it quite affordable in comparison to designer lingerie sold in US dollars or pounds, at least for Canadian customers. The ratio quality vs price is very good and I can see myself ordering custom designs from the brand.

Julia is really an amazing designer and her commitment to perfect fit is impressive. I really hope to see this brand grow and prosper!

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Sending love!

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  1. I was looking over the collection (I see you’re one of the models!) and I liked the white rosa demi, but I wear a GG and in my band size it stops at FF. Such a shame. Since they are made to order, I assume if other sizes were possible they would be listed.

    1. If your cup size is not bigger than a 36G, you can ask for a custom-made bra. She could even make it to your measurements. 🙂

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