Happy Canada day to all my Canadian readers! It was such a hot holiday weekend, I feel like we should just all wear robes and underwear as outerwear. Today’s review seems to be really appropriate as I will talk you through some Avocado SS18 new styles.

For this season, the brand went for warm tones and colourful accents as well as some floral embroideries. You will also find some new colorways for some of last year designs. Among all these new styles, Jour is the beautiful twin of the Ce Soir range.

Aesthetically this set reminds me of a sunrise. The straps around the neck look like a necklace of vitamin A and the embroidered pattern of the cup shows some glossy beige and orange lozenges. These little splashes of colours give to this beige set a very joyful look and it would be a shame to completely hide it under clothes. I think it would look lovely under a white summer dress. If you like layering or having lingerie details peeking out of your clothes, this bra is the one.
Jour is a HCT Avocado bra, which means it’s a three-part balconnet, that provides a similar shape to a half-cup. After trying a size 60H and 65H I found that the 65H worked better for my asymmetry. I am a full on bottom UK 30GG for reference, with rather asymmetrical breasts. I sized up in the band rather than in the cup because I know a 60J would be too deep in the cup.

In this size the band features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes and is firm but comfortable. I think it is true to size compared to a UK 30GG. The straps are rather short and fully adjustable, and the lace that holds the orange straps can be tied round the neck. It is finished by tiny metallic tips. The wires are narrow and the cups provide a nice projection and uplift.

The coordinate:

I received the hipster brief in a size Small, which is my usual size in Avocado lingerie. I like this cut because it looks almost like a shorty, although it provides more coverage. It is very comfortable. I love the way they kept the spirit of the orange necklace for the back of the brief. From the front, you can see a strategically placed lozenge made of soft microfiber and the embroidery used for the bra cups. These coordinates are both practical and pretty. They are really well-made and feature a silver branded pendant at the front. I feel like this set is the star of Avocado Summer collection and I totally get why.
Now, continuing on this summer vibe, I want to introduce Silk Gardenia. This set is new to Avocado, but is in accordance to the brand aesthetic, featuring a floral embroidery and their classic warm beige colorway. The particularity of this embroidery is that it looks like it’s shining from different angles. Actually it is made of different colors of threads from light beige to some gold butter.

As usual the attention to detail is clear. The embroidery goes up to 1/3 of the straps length and covers the gore and under-breasts beautifully. I love how silky this embroidery feels to the touch. Actually, the material used for this set is super comfortable.
I received this bra in the NF cut. It’s has been a longtime since I reviewed a NF bras. This cut is very deep and projected. It’s also closed at the top which means, it can cut into the breasts tissue if you are very full on top, but is also great for more shallow/full on bottom breasts. This cut works well for me, although it gives me a slightly pointy shape very different from the HC or HCT. I love it anyway. I find it to be nice under clothes and it has some kind of retro elegance. It’s a very feminine style and I wonder how it would look in a dark colorway.

The coordinate:

I received the classic brief in a size Small and I realized, I had never tried this Avocado bottom cut. It’s probably the comfier of them all. I love the placement of the embroidery on the side, which makes this brief look like a shorty. It’s very well-fitting and flattering and provides more coverage than the hipster brief. I love the elasticity around the hips. It really adapts perfectly to my body. The front is made of semi-sheer mesh and isn’t stretchy.

These two sets are made from high quality material and are really well-finished. If your breasts are more even and less projected than mine, maybe you’ll prefer the RV version of Silk Gardenia. The HCT bras look like an easy fit for many breasts shape, especially since the top part of the cup is stretchy.

Now I have a surprise for my readers! Avocado has partnered with me to offer a 20% off code applicable on all of their website until the end of the month! Just use CGNB18 at checkout!

Sending love!

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12 Replies to “Avocado SS18: Jour and Silk Gardenia review (65H & Small)”

  1. I’ve requested advice from Avocado regarding shape, but unfortunately they didn’t answer my letter (or follow-up letter). I have the Ce Soir and the fit is very good, but sadly anything around my neck tends to give me a headache which is why I won’t buy the Jour, beautiful as I find it. I have the Vintage Silk (HCQ) which is a decent fit, although the top of the gore doesn’t lie completely flat. I also have the Nina (K) but the gore is pushed quite far from my body. I tried the Jewel (NF) but it was too high under the armpits for me. I’m FoB and my main Avocado fitting issue seems to softer wires/too wide gore, since I’m having trouble getting them to lie flat even when pushing them down shows the cup size is correct.

    A large bit of text, but it all boils down to one question: would you recommend any model other than HCQ as likely to fit me?

    1. Thank you so much! 😍🌿🌺🌴 I wanted them to be a little bit different than my usual blog pictures!

        1. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it until I actually tried it on but it’s a very lovely style/color! I like that it looks like a necklace so that people think it’s a part of my outfit. 😄 Brands are getting more and more creative with straps!

          1. Absolutely! I thought it was attached to the bra too at first, but it’s just very clever styling. You have a great eye for the details!

          2. Oh no it is actually attached to the bra!! By outfit I meant my clothes. ^_^ I wish I was that good at styling lingerie! All the credit goes to Avocado’s designer.

          3. What?!? That’s insane! I love how you pulled the orange and nudes together beautifully with the greenery though. You ARE excellent with styling. I look forward to more of your reviews!

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