Creating my own lingerie business has always been a dream. Being a lingerie blogger gave me the opportunity to meet with many business owners, lingerie designers and other creatives. Something that always surprised me was the wild variety of backgrounds and personalities in this industry. Interestingly many professionals learnt by experience instead of earning a fashion degree. As for everything, some tend to be naturally good at marketing and public relation while others are better at expressing their ideas in their designs and struggle quite a bit to reach out their customers.

Having your own business requires multiple sets of skills and one can need some help through the evolution of his/her business. This sometimes means hiring a bigger/more specialized staff but this options is a luxury that not everybody can afford. Things can get overwhelming really fast but one of the rules for success is seeking help when necessary.

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The Body Language project has been created by Tiffany Clarke Harrison in order to respond to lingerie brands specific needs. This made-to-measure package is thought to highlight your brand’s uniqueness in a way that will actually touch your customers. Every brand is different, and there is no secret and unique strategy to achieve success. You might also have noticed that popularity and sales aren’t always directly related to a brand’s “look”. The relationship with customers starts from the moment they hear/read about you.

So often, I found myself looking at beautiful lingerie from unknown brands. As a student with limited budget, I never buy from a lingerie brand from which I have never ever read about. Sometimes, just a quick look at social medias can make a huge difference. A caption can attract or repulse a customer. In 2018, customers seek authenticity but also want you to make them dream. Like is too short for uninspired lingerie and sometimes, as weird as it sounds, words can change a whole perception.

“Body Language is a special product description package for unconventional lingerie brands. “

Being yourself and communicating your ideas via multiple platforms can make a significant difference for your customers. Online shopping requires some adjustments in order to facilitate the experience. Stock pictures and generic descriptions often don’t do honor to the amount of work behind a product. However, writing is time consuming and not everyone enjoys the process. That’s why Tiffany and I collaborated to offer you a chance to win a Body Language package (value 418 USD)!

To participate, all you need to do is to follow both of us on Instagram (here & here)and provide your email address on her website. All participants will receive 3 tips on writing products descriptions. They will also receive a free template with questions to help brands begin building an intimate connection with their customers. The competition is open to everybody who needs help growing their brand and even people who would like to improve their writing. The winner will be announced on my Instagram page on the 18th of August.

Good luck!!

xx Wen

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