I would like to hear your thoughts about harnesses? Do they count as lingerie for you? I mean, they can certainly be shaped to fit around your breasts like wires or around your waist like waspies, but can we actually call them lingerie? I recently received a gorgeous wide belt from Bijoux indiscrets and while I love to pair it with light colored lingerie to play around, my favorite thing is to pair it with little black dresses or jumpsuits.

[The Maze belt has been sent to me as a gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
[The set on the right is the Mint Julep set from Ellesmere label]

I actually own several pieces from Bijoux Indiscrets Maze collection , and this belt is definitely one of my favorites. When I first saw it, it immediately reminded me of a waist cincher. You can find it in black but I fell in love with the brown colorway. It feels a bit more “delicate” over the skin, and to be honest I mostly wear black clothing so the black one wouldn’t contrast at all on my usual outfits.
I am currently really into harnesses to achieve lingerie inspired outfits. I love how they can give structure and character to anything.

Except for my breasts I am not a really curvy person and I tend to prefer clothes that accentuate my waist. I love this belt for that reason too. It’s flexible enough to not become annoying or really restrictive but definitely does the trick.
Here, I wear it with a Frank and Oak Tencel jumpsuit (size Small) that I have been wearing quite often this summer and I just love this combination. I always wear this jumpsuit with my Avocado Misia bra because it’s just very discreet and flattering under a V neck. The bra straps are thin enough to almost disappear under the jumpsuit straps and I think it makes the outfit slicker.

By the way, another thing I like about the Maze collection is that it is made from recyclable materials. I am not vegan and although I care a lot about over consumption of animal derived products I have no problem buying real leather. That said, I love to see brands being concerned about the environment. Fast-fashion brands have been creating ersatz of leather that are damaged super easily and need to be replaced after a few wears.

While using leather can be seen as unethical and not eco-friendly, faux-leather is simply not biodegradable and some of them aren’t even recyclable. Nevertheless, some companies work to create great quality, recyclable and ethically made vegan leather so I can support that. The Maze collection seems to be good quality and I definitely want more of those items in my wardrobe.It’s the beginning of Fall already and I have been wanting to post about this outfit for about a month. Better late than never! I don’t think I could ever be an actual fashion blogger because my objective is to have more of a capsule wardrobe full of versatile, ethically made items. Because of that, I don’t see myself buying tones of Forever 21 or Fashion nova pieces in order to serve you looks on a daily basis. I will probably be re-using some pieces in different posts because, I think it’s just more sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus it forces me to be creative and I love this type of challenges. (My wallet loves them even more.)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I know I definitely have to improve my posing game haha! Anyway, here are some other pieces of Montreal that I am happy to share with you!

Until next time!

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6 Replies to “Lingerie-as-outerwear series : a vegan leather waspie”

  1. As you probably know, I’m a big fan of harnesses and daywear. I don’t really know or care whether you class them as lingerie. I think it depends on the material. The more robust it is, the more it falls ‘out’ of the lingerie category imo. But I’m all for mixing up lingerie and outerwear as much as possible. I also agree with you that the fashion blogging thing of going through as many outfits as possible is not a very sustainable example to set. I prefer to buy quality things for longevity rather than just for one season, and style it up with accessories. Also trying out the clothing rental services is another option.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read me! I really need to look into this clothing rental services. It could be great as I don’t like stocking a lot of clothes in my wardrobe. I only knew about those services for special occasion clothing! Have you ever tried them?


      1. I did try one of those occasion rental places once, a long time ago, for a university ball (that really was a long time ago). I would consider doing that again if I had a thing to go to like that.

  2. I’d be far more interested in seeing how you mix and match items in your wardrobe than constantly seeing new pieces. Of course it is great to hear about new brands, but I’d love 1-year followups: are you still wearing that piece, how has it held up over time, is it still comfortable? These days I try to buy fewer things but of higher quality, and I find what’s really lacking is information on durability.

    Of course the item you purchased may not be available any longer, but it still speaks of the general quality of crafting and material used by the company. You could always pair your reviews with stock photos of items that are available now which would be similar to something from a previous collection.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I am glad to read that some people might be interested in seeing several times the same pieces in different outfits. I am also trying to buy less but better so giving info about clothes durability is a good objective!


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