The Cruz Floral bodysuit

Last year, I’ve had the opportunity to introduce you to Rougette, the baby sister brand of Tutti Rouge. Well, I am happy to tell you that the brand keeps growing and making new comfy pieces for us full-busted ladies. I think my favorite thing about Rougette is that they offer “easy fit” bodysuits. Don’t get me wrong, I like bralettes, but I think supportive, wireless bodysuits for small band/big cup ladies is something that has been missing for a while. I really love bodysuits. For the longest time I thought I couldn’t wear them for fashion purposes because they would probably just crush my breasts against my chest, flattening them in the worst way. As a gymnast I still had to wear them but I almost always wore a bra underneath (puberty hit me quite early). So finding a nice looking, self-sufficient bodysuit, that fits my bodyshape is a delight. (Though I would obviously not use it as sportswear.)

[These pieces have been sent to me as a gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

The Cruz bodysuit is available in size Small to XXL but I believe, this size range goes from 32F to around a 44G depending on the body shape. Note that it is only a personal deduction, I need to confirm that point with the brand. The small fits generously my 30GG breasts. The cups have a triangle shape but are surprisingly flattering and deep. My breasts do not escape from them and I don’t need to adjust them through the day! The straps are half-adjustable but I found them to be short enough for my taste. I really enjoy the adjustability of this piece. The under-breasts elastic sits just at the right place which means that it provides actual support and comfort despite the absence of hooks and eyes.
This piece is made of very stretchy and soft lace and feature a snap opening at the crotch. My only complain about it is that the bottom part of it is neither a thong nor a full brief, nor a tanga. As a result, my bum always ends up eating it after 1 min of wear. Since the crotch is as wide as a full brief crotch, there is a significant amount of fabric that ends up in the wrong place when I move. I don’t think I could stand this sensation for a whole day or night so I usually wear a brief underneath that is made of rather unstretchy material or that provides a lot of coverage. It somehow works but isn’t ideal. I think Cruz would be better on a bum that doesn’t systematically eat medium coverage briefs. I usually prefer wider briefs or tangas but anything in between ends up that way.
If your bum is like mine, the Eva bodysuit must actually be more comfortable at the back thanks to its lace back panelling. That being said, I am really happy with this bodysuit. It looks very good and I love the way it fits my breasts. I would totally wear it under sweat shirts this winter and maybe even loose dresses. It will add a necessary layer under my clothes when we get negative temperatures! I think the back design makes it special and as always with Tutti Rouge, it features signature heart shaped sliders on the straps. I don’t know, it is kind of cute but badass at the same time. Also, it only costs 22£ which is very affordable!

Brastop Ltd

The Phoenix bralette

In Tutti Rouge surprise package, also received the Phoenix set in black, which is composed of a longline bralette (yay!) and a high waisted strappy brief (yay³!!). I received the size 32FF/G and a Small for the coordinate. I really love longline bralettes. Well, if you know me, you know that I love longline everything but a longline bralette usually guarantee more support that the regular ones.
The Phoenix bralette doesn’t feature any opening, so you need to pass it through your shoulders, which is always risky I think, but it works. The lace is very light and stretchy. This piece is half-padded and very deep. I feel like it’s a bit too big for me, actually. My breasts are very full on bottom and wide, and in that regard, I think they are safe when I wear this bralette, but its shape isn’t the best for me.
The band feels nice and supportive, though. I think this bralette works as a cropped top if you are brave enough to rock the super deep neckline. I really like how it looks from the back. It would probably suit full on top breasts better but as an item of loungewear it does a great job. I am not really a fan of the cups this time. They are a bit too wide on my figure, and the half-padding gives them a weird profile. I think that is what really prevents me from wearing it as outerwear.

The coordinate

The coordinate is a full coverage high waisted brief and it is quite comfortable. The mesh feels very thin but I don’t think it’s too fragile. This design has been quite popular for the past few years but I still haven’t had enough of it. It’s flattering and easy to wear. These straps especially, are very flat and thin, so they don’t show under clothes. Quality wise, I think this set is as good as a 35£ set can be, really. It fits, the material is soft against the skin and it is available to a rather wide range of sizes.

If you aren’t into padded bralette, the Eva bralette seems to be a great option. After trying the Cruz bodysuit, I have no doubt that the Eva bralette can provide enough support without padding as they seem to have a similar construction around the breasts.

I am very glad that I’ve got to try these pieces. Rougette is a great brand to start with if you are on a budget but want cup sized loungewear. I really wish they existed when I was younger!

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