One of my friends recently asked me if I knew a good longline bra for fuller bust. I am always happy when my IRL friends ask me for lingerie-related advices. As you can imagine, I put a lot of efforts in promoting the benefits of great lingerie to my friends so the simple act of having an actual conversation about it is a big deal. But, believe it or not, this wasn’t a sign of my friend finally listening to me. In my opinion, it was a mix between Instagram algorithm and the fact that lingerie-as-outerwear became “mainstream”. Recently, I started seeing youtubers or IG models wearing longline bras as outerwear. Sheer, full of eyelashes lace longline bras. While I wish I could do that, I am convinced that I would feel self-conscious if my nipples were showing through the lace of my bra, if this bra is supposed to work as a top. I think it’s fair to say that if you aren’t a celebrity, it’s pretty complicated to go around in sheer lingerie.
Now, I have been looking for a longline bra suitable for outerwear during my whole teenage years without much hope. One that would be long enough to reach my belly button without necessarily covering it. One that would be opaque enough for modesty. A bra that I could show proudly and style easily.
I have been lusting over the Harlow and Fox Viola bra for years (especially the discontinued Gold colorway) but this bra is still out of my budget. I do own a few longline bras but most of them are either too sheer or have weird prints (in a good way) that wouldn’t work with my outerwear looks.

Last winter though, during a sale I was lucky enough to score a beautiful Dietrich bra by Kiss Me Deadly. Although, I am not really satisfied with the pictures from my review they give a good idea of the product and fit. In the future, I would love to change the wires for some that would tack against my sternum better but this bra does work well enough for me. I am so happy I found a pair of pants that sits high enough to reach it.

Lady Vintage

Actually, I recently found a store in Montreal, selling vintage luxury garments at very discounted price. It’s called Tutti Va Bene and I love it, you’ll find it on Ste-Catherine street. They sell many garments made in Europe from natural fibers for less than 30$ and big vintage coats for less than 500$ (I am talking about cashmere and wool). I actually paid about 23 CAD for these pants, which were made in Italy from pure virgin wool.
I absolutely love the cut. It’s apparently an Italian size 42 and they fit my 26 inches waist very well. And guess what, IT HAS POCKETS!!! Ahahah! Sometimes this type of pants are pocketless in order to stay sleek and fall the right way on the body. Though, I don’t want to get these pockets full of keys, phone and cards, it’s always great to have the option.

I own a pair of Tencel and linen pink trousers that I bought from Frank and Oak and that I also love very much. But really, linen always ends up very wrinkled and by the end of the day, it’s only the shadow of your original slayness. They were perfect for Summer temperature though. I got them in a size 2 and they still are slightly loose on my waist. I believe Frank and Oak runs a bit big, since I am a size 2-4 in their clothes and a size 4-6 in other brands.

Anyway, I took the decision to look into thrift stores or discount vintage shops before going to big stores when I am looking for a specific items of clothing. I have found some nice Montreal independent designers but I can’t afford a 300$ skirt yet, so… I think this will be fun!

Hope you enjoyed today’s outfit! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! <3

Yours truly,

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8 Replies to “Lingerie-as-outerwear series: Dietrich longline bra & Italian vintage trousers”

  1. I love this lingerie as outerwear series! I’ve always really wanted to show of my lingerie but since I depend most of my time in cold college libraries it always seems inappropriate. The way you style you lingerie is so classy and I love reading about your quest for ethical clothing!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! Also I have been in your situation for the past 6 years so I totally feel you! <3

      xx Wen

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