Winter is already in the air in Montreal but I am hopeful that somewhere in the world, today’s outfit will be appropriate. Actually, I can’t say that I’ll stop wearing skirts and camisoles until we reach negative temperatures.
I have been having an intense style transition during the past year and interestingly, pink pieces keep coming my way. Usually, I am more of a black and white kind of gal. Pink isn’t what I naturally gravitate around (despite all the pink lingerie I featured this year) and I am often worried that pale colours will look bland against my skin. But some things are mostly a question of habits.
Last year, I was gifted the Jean step-in by Maude Nibelungen. I would describe this handmade piece as a vintage inspired romper or teddy. Original step ins weren’t knitted I believe, but Maude brilliantly re-created this garment in her own fashion. This piece is very loose and made of cotton yarn. At first, I thought this colour wasn’t working for me but paired with the contrasting colours, it actually think it suits me very well. The colour is very delicate and this piece is very soft to the touch. I am particularly in love with the detailing and finishes. The detachable straps and the side twisted detail makes this piece actually adorable.
I really don’t know much about knitting, but this light garment feels well thought-out and is actually very comfortable. I am wearing it with my Empreinte Melody strapless bra, as their colours go very well together. With the Jean step in I paired a vintage Louis Feraud wool skirt (size 38). I was lucky enough to find it in the store I talked about in my previous lingerie-as-outerwear post for a ridiculously low price (29 CAD, I believe).
I am very new to pencil skirts but now that I started wearing them, I actually adore the shape they give to my body. The only annoying thing is that I am always running around and that’s absolutely not possible with a skirt like this one.
Frank And Oak

The neat wool fabric of the skirt is elevated by the texture of the knitted piece. I love how this outfit feels both serious and a bit delicate thanks to this light fishnet.
Now, this whole outfit sounded like a great idea until I realized that it would be only suitable if you can take your time to almost undress yourself every time you go to the bathroom. As you can imagine, the Jean Step-in doesn’t come with a crotch opening. But, if you are cool with wearing jumpsuits, I guess you could totally wear a similar combination of clothes.
Still with the idea of dressing this skirt down a little, I chose to wear it with some Frank and Oak Marina Loafer shoes. I like that they were made in Portugal and their colour really go with many things. That being said, after trying many Frank and Oak shoes, I can’t really recommend them.
First of all, the sole isn’t so great, as it will get damage very fast if you have to go through gravel even 5 minutes everyday (and we know that Montreal streets are forever under re-construction). Also, I never found a Frank and Oak pair of shoes that was actually confortable. Obviously when I am tired of high heels, I like going for these ones, but walking all day with them isn’t amazing either. So they are really pretty, and I like them a lot but I am glad I got them on sale.

I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit and I hope this post was interesting for you too!
Let me know your thoughts in the comment! <3 Do you wear vintage-inspired underwear/loungewear?

Sending love!
Yours truly,

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2 Replies to “Lingerie-as-outerwear series: neat knit and vintage wool”

  1. Thank you for having featured as much pink lingerie as you did during this last year – pink is my favourite colour, especially in lingerie! Thank you also for embracing the still very much in vogue lingerie-as-outerwear trend, which as a lingerie fashion aficionado I very much love and appreciate.
    Your Empreinte Melody strapless bra showing through the hand-made sheer knit blush pink step in by Maude Nibelungen looks fabulous paired with the navy blue pencil skirt.
    Your perfectly applied lipstick is a very pretty colour.

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