A few days ago, I read a post on a Facebook lingerie group about the issues that come with asymmetrical breasts. As we know, everybody is a bit asymmetrical in some ways, but it’s true that some women have a more pronounced asymmetry than others. Although that doesn’t always show on my pictures, I’ve always struggled with my breasts having two different cup sizes. There are a few things you can do to minimize the problem, depending on the size difference and your budget.

♦ Padded bras and additional padding

[Ewa Michalak S Glamour 65GG]

Padded bras by nature, will help “hiding” breasts asymmetry under clothes. Of course, it’s better to buy a size that will fit your bigger breasts, to avoid spilling or discomfort. However, I perfectly understand how frustrating it can be to look at yourself in the mirror before putting clothes on and just SEE this annoying gap in your smaller breast’s cup.
Well, there is a solution for that too. A few brands offer padded bras with cookies/pads pockets that allow you to compensate for the size difference. The Polish brand Ewa Michalak is well known for their fabulously supportive “S bras” which always come with 2 pads. I personally put both pads in my smaller breast’s cup and it does the trick.
Now, I don’t think you necessarily need a special bra to use pads. I use the same pads in bras that don’t have pockets. You can definitely buy suitable pads and place them inside your bras cups. They shouldn’t come out or show up. 🙂

♦ Stretchy lace

[Katherine Hamilton Abbie bra 30G]

Another good option (my favorite) is to buy bras featuring stretchy lace at the 1/3 top of the cup. This is the most natural option for me as I don’t like padded bras very much. Strechy lace is also comfortable and easier to fit in. Meaning that if your breasts fluctuate a lot, the bra might still be a perfect fit through the month. Of course if you are picky you will still see a bit of a difference but this can definitely help with the gap that padded bras can show. Also the lace will be less likely to cut into your breasts than unstretchy tulle/foam for example.

Figleaves US

♦Low coverage balconnet bras

[Avocado Misia 60H]

If like me you have asymmetrical full on bottom breasts, low coverage unpadded balconnets can be a good option. It’s always preferable to have stretchy mesh or lace at the top of the cup especially if your breasts are projected. The fact that these bras provide a lower coverage will prevent the cup from gaping. Of course this isn’t an absolute rule, but it works for me. This type of bras can also give a bit of cleavage to shallow breasts.

♦Supportive bralettes

[Vava Lingerie Priscilla set (32G & S)]

As we all noticed, bralettes are getting more and more popular even among full busted customers. While I couldn’t imagine wearing bralettes as a 32F years ago, I have now many options as a 30GG. Well-made, bra-sized bralettes can definitely replace bras for some people. I personally love the support and shape I get from my bras but I discovered last year that some bralettes can be incredibly good at providing shape and support too. Of course, the support you get from bralettes highly depends on your bras size. The bigger the cups, the harder it gets to find a good bralette that can be used to go to work for example. But if you are cool with the idea of bralettes as loungewear, then there are a lot of options for most people.
Here are some bralettes reviews I have done since I started this blog:

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♦Custom-made bras

[ Ellesmere lingerie Flora leatherette setcustom asymmetrical 30GG & Small]

Now here is a more complicated option, and potentially more expensive too. Custom lingerie is always a risk and depending on the brand, this risk isn’t even worth it. I have seen many bloggers through the years reviewing expensive custom lingerie that didn’t fit right at all. It’s a bummer really. That being said, there are some brands out there capable of doing custom the right way. And they are not always as expensive as you imagine. In the photo above, I am wearing a custom bra by Ellesmere lingerie. Julia, the designer is quite a pattern genius and I was surprised when she offered me this bra that fitted BOTH my breasts perfectly. I wrote a review about another bra she made the same way for me, so feel free to check it out. I also tried Backseam lingerie a while ago, and wasn’t disappointed considering the price point.

Being honest, as for the custom wired bras these two brands are the only ones I have tried that didn’t completely disappoint me. Be really careful about brands that have no experience whatsoever in successfully making full bust bras but still accept to make one for you. It might not be worth the stress and money involved.

That’s all for today! I hope this article will be helpful for my fellow asymmetrical gals. 🙂
Remember there is always a solution. Of course if the difference between your breasts is really too big to be accommodated, you can definitely consult a doctor to see what can be done. I know that in some country, you won’t have to pay for it if you can prove it’s really causing you trouble.

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,
Wen <3

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  1. Your advice on adjusting for breast and cup size sounds excellent.
    I love the pretty and colourful floral print on the first lingerie set pictured as well as the high waisted styling of the full brief, and the looks of the waistband and the bra straps.
    The ornamentation, grey taupe and light rose colour of the Ewa Michalak S Glamour set looks pretty as does the lace of the Katherine Hamilton Vintage Rose set.
    I love the warm colour, satin panels and lace of the Avocado Misia set.
    I also like the high waisted styling of the Vava Lingerie Priscilla set.
    You look breathtakingly pretty modelling all five of these gorgeous lingerie sets!

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