You guys really don’t know how happy I am to write this review today. I think I have been trying to write it for at least a year. I was never satisfied with the pictures I took when I received it so I have been waiting for inspiration before publishing anything. Luckily, last week, it finally came. <3

[I have bought this bodysuit with my own money. The skirt was part of the payment from a photoshoot with Ellesmere lingerie.]

Dottie’s Delights is one of these brands I have been dreaming about for years without ever finding the right occasion to buy from them. It’s crazy really. Every time I go visit their Instagram page, I have to prevent myself from being creepy and liking all of their pictures at once.

This Chicago brand sells a lot of vintage inspired loungewear, but also have quite wearable lingerie from what I have seen. I have always been tempted by their longline bras and suspender belts. Most of their bras go up to an F cup so I am quite out of the size range, unfortunately.
Nevertheless, they have quite wonderful loungewear and I have been putting up a wishlist for quite some time now. I have to say that getting the Bow bodysuit was a very fortunate event. Last year, when Esty lingerie had to move from England to Spain, the whole shop was on sale for -50%. I really wish I got more things at the time ahah, but I could only afford to buy this precious bodysuit, so I did. I must say that I was a bit scared of the fit, since nothing is ever guaranteed with these breasts.
But guys, there was no need to worry at all. The piece arrived quite fast, and when I put it on, it was like magic. Some type of lingerie witchery. The body fitted. Everything just looked like it was in the right place. And gravity didn’t seem to exist anymore.
I am still not sure about how this is possible but it is. This playsuit is magical.
Aesthetically, it is an adorable bodysuit that looks almost seamless. The little ruffles around the legs are a lovely detail and I love that they managed to cover the breasts and the crotch in such a strategic way.
The big bow over the bust is made of a very soft microfiber and there are two removable satin laces to tie around the neck. I love that the laces are doubled and not just two string sewed to the bodysuit. This way they feel stronger and more comfortable.
There are no opening whatsoever in this bodysuit so you  need to jump into it. I bought a size Medium as I was anxious that my breasts wouldn’t cooperate with a size small, and I think I made a great decision. The Medium is actually tight enough to provide support to my whole body. It just feels great and comfortable. Not as tight as shape-wear but just fitted enough to flatter. Someone told me that it works just as well with a 36G bust, although the laces tend to be painful after some time of supporting heavier breasts.
I haven’t had pain myself but I also haven’t worn this bodysuit for more than 3 hours at a time. I would love to style it as outerwear but :
1) I think my breasts would be a bit too much for the general public (aka people in the street).
2) I need to pee all the time so wearing this bodysuit out would probably put me in trouble. However, if you have smaller breasts, or are braver than me, I think this bodysuit could totally work if styled properly.

The Midnight skirt

I had the idea to pair it with my Ellesmere lingerie Midnight skirt, which I love sooo much. I also have been wanted to wear this skirt as a cape for the longest time, but simply didn’t find an occasion to rock it.
This skirt is made of two layers of Italian tulle. It also features a very generous amount of tulle at the back dedicated to tie it in a huge bow. I think those pieces were meant together.

I personally love this skirt for the styling possibilities but also because, it’s simply gorgeous by itself. Ellesmere and Dottie’s delights are two brands I really affectionate and I just want them to keep creating amazing pieces for us to enjoy.

Sending love!
Yours truly,

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5 Replies to “Dottie’s Delights Bow Playsuit x Ellesmere Midnight skirt”

  1. I’m loving the generous classically designed gusset of the Dottie’s Delight sheer Bow Playsuit with its retro mushroom shape and curved rear seam. I also love the ruffled leg-bands and the big pretty bow. The pretty Ellesmere Midnight Circle Skirt that you paired with this lovely lingerie fashion outfit of the day adds to the over-all look very nicely –
    its a very glamorous and pretty look – and you showcased the lingerie fashions beautifully in this stunning photo essay.

  2. Wen,

    I have been in love with this body suit for the longest time! The photos are gorgeous and I’m glad to hear the body suit is supportive enough for a larger bust, if only for a short time. Thanks for another thoughtful review!

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