My quest for the perfect full bust bralette is still going strong and today I am glad to add another one to my top 5. Bralettes are definitely the products you guys keep asking about and fortunately many brands are working hard to improve the offer.

Sugar Candy is definitely one of the great in that matter. Some of you probably read my review of their very first product, about a year ago. At the time, I was so impressed by the amount of support, the construction and fit and I hoped this product would be declined in many other colours or prints.

[This bra was sent to me by Sugar Candy for review purpose. I was compensated for my work but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.]Sugar Candy Lux
So I was really happy when the brand contacted me again and offered to send me one of their latest release, the Sugar Candy Lux bralette. This bra is basically a prettier version of the Original Sugar Candy. I really like that the design remains minimalist but is also feminine and flattering. The floral lace around the cup and on the band is lovely but discreet and the velvet covered straps adds some interesting texture to this bra.

Sugar Candy Lux bra
The interior of this bra is actually just as interesting. This pattern made of moulded cups and 4 support panels is extremely efficient. I think it might be the most supportive bralette I have ever had and I love that it gives such a nice shape under clothes. It’s the first bralette I think about when you guys ask for recommandations. I am just really impressed.

Sugar Candy Lux

The fit

Last year, I got the Original Sugar Candy bralette in a size Small, which was a bit big on me. Looking at their size chart, I figured out that I might fit in a XS as I am usually in between a UK 30G and 30GG.

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So the brand initially sent me a size XS, however, this one was way too small for my bigger breast. It fitted my smaller breast quite well but really the amount of side boobs on the left cup was ridiculous. I wondered if the size Small was supposed to fit like the Original version I already had. If so, this would mean that the difference between XS and S was quite big. The brand accepted to send a size Small and I realized that the fit was actually different from the Original Sugar Candy bra.

While the size Small in the Original was a bit big on me, the Lux fits actually smaller. It provides less coverage, but also less room at the top of the cups. As a result, the bra in a size Small fits me very well but I think it’s good to notice that you can’t expect the exact same fit from these two products.

[ I actually only noticed the wrinkles when I took this picture because when I stand straight they aren’t really visible.]

As my breasts are asymmetrical, I experience some wrinkles on the smaller one depending on my position, basically where my breast is less full. This can be partially fixed by adjusting the straps or crossing them. It’s no big deal for me, since my bigger breasts doesn’t have any extra room left in this size, and I don’t like side spilling. (Yes, the great pleasure of having 1 size difference between your breasts.) In the size XS, my breasts were too crushed and pushed down. With this new size, they are lifted and comfy, and I can definitely wear this bralette under clothes like a normal bra. The shape it gives is really nice.

As I mentioned it earlier, this bralette can also do a racer back, which is so great and provide even more lift and shaping. I really like that the racer hook is independent from the straps sliders. It makes it easier to use in my opinion.
The straps are fully adjustable and the band features 6 sets of 3 hooks and eyes. This allows the bra to fit a wide range of band sizes but will also elongate your bra life.

Sugar Candy Lux [Fit with racer back]

I am honestly so pleased with this product. The Sugar Candy Lux bralette is made of high quality microfiber and feels very soft and comfortable. I just love the feel of it after wearing underwires for 10h straight. I planned to buy one for my mum as I think this bra is super reliable and practical. It retails for 65USD which is quite reasonable when you think that the one I got last year is still in such a great shape. The brand recommends cool machine wash but I wash mine by hand. I think either way, this bra should last quite long, just use the delicate cycle and maybe don’t wash it at the same time as your jeans. ^^
Let me know if you have any questions!

Update: As some of you guys asked me about the Sugar Candy fit in a different size range (XL-XXL), Holly from The Full Figured Chest also wrote a nice review on her blog! Go check it out! 🙂

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