Happy New Year my dear readers! It’s the first article of 2019 and I really want to thank y’all for sticking up with me for more than 3 years now. You are more numerous every month and I am so grateful that y’all take the time to read my thoughts and support my progression. Thanks to you, I can do something I really enjoy and I stay motivated to improve my writing and photography. Last month, as I went back to the Caribbean, I was lucky enough to work with Bruno Balmokoun, a Guadeloupe photographer so you’ll see a lot of his photos during the next weeks/months.

[This gown was gifted to me by Aakar Intimates for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]aakar intimates

But let’s go back on track! Today I want to introduce a young indie brand that I have discovered last summer : Aakar Intimates. I had the chance to meet the designer Aayuushi Agarwal at Curve NY and immediately fell in love with her refreshing designs.
Aakar designs are modern, beautifully crafted and versatile. The Indian brand introduced several ranges with different price points: Luxury, Premium, Resort wear and Classics.
I find their designs to be luminous and elegant. In fact, yellow, gold, and white are very present in the main collections as well as red and black.
aakar intimates One of the things that caught my attention was their unusual patterns. As a loungewear and lingerie brand, Aakar doesn’t only create pyjama sets and robes, their garments are polyvalent and can definitely be used as clothing. You will find sophisticated jackets, wraparounds and dresses that could be styled as every day wear (if you are fancy like that) or suitable for a more elevated outfit. I noticed the beautiful finishes and cuts, and the way the garments fitted the models. I believe the designer as a great eye for details.aakar intimates With all that being said, an important thing about this brand is their choice of models. When I discovered them, while going through the different brands that would be present at Curve, seeing a gorgeous black woman on their lookbook definitely decided me to set an appointment with them. This is something worth acknowledging. This is not a common thing and I can probably count on my hands (or a few fingers) the number of lingerie brands hiring dark skin black models to be their face even for one collection. Now Aakar hires a lot of different models of different ethnicities and I am all for it.
aakar intimates star dustNow that you know that I love them, let’s talk about that gown. The brand generously gifted me this wonderful gown from their Star Dust collection which is part of their Premium range. I had seen this piece last summer and was absolutely delighted by its shine and drape. Let me tell you that this gown is a dream.

aakar intimates

Made from Platiniore crepe, a pressure wrinkled fabric knitted with metallic fibres, this piece looks like it came out of some gold river, ready to be worn by a nymph. I received a size Medium and I love how it fluidly fits me. The effect of the light on this fabric is absolutely gorgeous. It subtly highlights your curve without making you look naked. I decided to wear a nude lingerie set underneath, which is composed of an Asos bralette and Nubian skin thong.The embroidery details are lovely and the asymmetry around the V neck of the gown makes it a little bit more special. If you pay attention you’ll also notice that this gown is not straight from top to bottom. The godets on each side gives much more amplitude and opulence to this piece. I just love to spin around and look at the way it moves.
aakar intimates It’s hard for me to imagine lounging around in this gown though. It’s so pretty I just want to float when I wear it so that it would never get damaged. The bottom edges of this piece seem to be laser cut, so it could be a bit fragile and I would recommend to wear heels high enough if you wear it out. However, if you want to feel like a goddess in your boudoir, being naked under this shiny fabric might just be what you need.
aakar intimates
As a full busted woman, wearing such deep neckline can be tricky, but I actually found out that my Avocado Skin bra worked quite well under this dress (shape and covering wise). So, if a bralette isn’t an alternative for you, this bra in a colorway that suits your skin tone, or a “nude” plunge bra with medium coverage could be of help.

The Star Dust gown is retailed for 120 USD, which honestly is such a great price for this product. It also comes in a black colorway with red embroidery. The Star Dust collection features other products such as a short robe, pants, a skirt and a pair of shorts.

Aakar doesn’t have an online store and currently sells via The Fitting curve, or via DM on Instagram. So if you see something you fancy on their gallery that isn’t sold on the retailer website, you can contact the designer via Instagram or via email.

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  1. That Aakar Intimates Star Dust Gown looks beautiful being modelled by you. I love the drape of the dress and the appearance of the fabric – it looks very pretty! I am imagining their designs in the colours you mentioned and in variations styled both with coordinating lingerie as in your photos above and also with contrasting lingerie for always in vogue lingerie as outerwear couture.
    You have my great admiration for your love and appreciation of lingerie, initiative meeting lingerie designers at Curve NY, and your beautiful lingerie fashion blog posts.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words! I am really passionate about lingerie and fashion and I hope I can be a great source of information on the subject! Also it’s always amazing to meet other passionate people, so it’s definitely worth the extra efforts. 🙂

      xx Wen

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