I am so overwhelmed with all the reviews and articles I need to write this month that I decided to write about something different for once. Nipple piercing.

Since I joined the lingerie community, I have been seeing a lot of pierced nipples, to the point that it is something really casual for me now. I got my nipples pierced before I decided to launch my blog. It was kind of a wild decision, in the sense that I didn’t think for so long before doing it. I had a borderline friend who would always dare me to do stuff and at this time, I was all about adventures and new experiences so I didn’t think twice.

ellesmere lingerie botanical[ Ellesmere lingerie Botanical set]

Well, to be honest, that’s not actually true. I had thought about nipple piercing in the past, but always thought I didn’t have the right type of breasts/nipples to rock them. I used to be a very inhibited person, and I also felt like it was maybe too crazy at this time (plus in case of an infection, how would I explain my issue to my mum? xD).
Though, a few years later, what seemed weird before, sounded quite fun. So, after a week of looking for info on the internet, I thought “let’s do this”. You need to know that I used to literally hate my breasts shape and until I started seeing other women half-naked, I thought my nipples were weird. So going from that point of terrible body image to showing my breasts to a stranger for him to add jewels to them was a big step.

empreinte diane [ Empreinte lingerie Diane set]

Now, I don’t recommend to pierce your nipples on a dare. It’s actually something to take seriously, considering that your breasts are a sensitive part of your body. Piercings are always a risk. Infections are never pretty and mostly painful. Also, we are all different, and what works for a friend might not work for you. For example, I take a lot of time to heal from piercings if I only use the salty water that most piercers give you.
This product doesn’t work for me and sadly after having my ears pierced several times, my eyebrow and my nipples, I discovered that doctors and piercers are often not on the same page about piercing cares. I am glad my grandma could recommend me a product that helps drying wounds so that my piercings could heal much faster. If it wasn’t for her, I am pretty sure I would have had infections cause salty water does nothing for me and nobody else would give me relevant advices.
the end lingerie

[Photo credit: The End lingerie]

Anyway, despite my healing issues, I have to say that I never regretted a piercing. And my nipple piercings are probably my favorite. For some reasons, they really made me love my breasts, something I thought was impossible. I felt like they deserved jewellery and love. I could see them as beautiful and worth showing, while I was extremely self conscious about them for the longest time. My piercings are some kind of pre-lingerie. Except I don’t really remove them. I still wonder if I will remove them at some point. I guess, it would be necessary for breast feeding but I am not about kids at the moment. I wonder if without them, I would still see my chest the same way. They are kind of a part of me now. And just like lingerie, it’s not about my partners.

louisa bracq color fever[Louisa Bracq Color Fever bra]

I know that there is a nipple piercing trend going on for a few years… Not saying that nipple piercing are new but simply that mainstream people are openly showing them off and that designers make piercing inspired lingerie right now… I don’t think actual piercings should be a trend, as this is something that can go wrong just like any body modification. Though I do enjoy The End lingerie or Creepy Yeha pieces, and I love that people get inspired by tattoos and piercings. I love fashion anyway.

There is a feeling of empowerment in body modifications. We don’t get to choose the way we look at birth but we can do that. I would probably have more piercings if my skin wasn’t so sensitive. I don’t necessarily feel the need to have more of them right now. But I realized that my experience wasn’t uncommon after reading a thread on reddit. I wish we could all accept ourselves naturally but it’s still great to see that through this mean, so many women accept their breasts, big or small, independently of the shape and size of their nipples. The same way lingerie can help so much, I think my piercings really make me feel prettier. It’s funny when you see how small they are. I guess it’s the little things.

Do you have experience with piercings? Let me know your thoughts!

Yours truly,

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8 Replies to “Under my lingerie… An ode to nipple piercing.”

  1. Can you share the name of the product you used that helped your piercings heal? I had mine pierced twice and had horrible infections. I’m not sure it’s worth trying a third time through all the scar tissue, but I might consider it if I had another tool.

    1. Hey Shalyndra!
      I used a product called Biseptine. I used it for all my piercings actually. I was having troubles with my nipples for about 3 months because I wanted to listen to the piercer and only used his product at first but when I used the Biseptine they healed in way less than a week.
      Now since you pierced them twice already I don’t know if that is a good idea, but I know this product is efficient. Don’t use it too much after you healed though, because it will dry out your skin. It’s not dangerous, you can buy it for like 3€ in a pharmacy (at least in France).

    2. PS: Biseptine is actually Chlorhexidine ( I couldn’t find the “brand” Biseptine in Canada, but the Chlorhexidine from the pharmacy there worked perfectly.)

      1. Oh! I use chlorhexidine all the time for other skin issues, never thought of using it for piercings oddly enough. In the USA there is a brand called Hibiclens but it has a fragrance. I will have to look for another fragrance free version. Thanks!

  2. I had some trouble with mine where they took almost a year to heal. If you don’t mind me asking, what gauge are yours because my piercer convinced me to go larger because they said they healed faster.

    1. Oh did you use any product to heal them?
      Mines are 16G. A piercer told me that everyone is supposed to go for 14G which is bigger and that mines aren’t the norm. Because of that it’s hard to find nice jewelry in that size but I found some on Etsy. I don’t know why bigger would heal faster though. Mines would probably have taken a year to heal if I didn’t use chlorhexidine . I always have to use that on my piercings actually wherever they are located.

      1. That makes sense, nah I didn’t use anything, but now I know for next time. Mine are 12g and they show through everything! You have exquisite taste in lingerie btw and I’m about the same size as you so I’m excited to start buying some of your recommendations.

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