I don’t know about you guys, but I recently heard about a trend that consists on creating underwear with very narrow gussets or no gussets at all. Maybe it’s a coincidence but in January, I was offered to try the Bracli Vienna Bodysuit which features Mallorcan pearls instead of an actual gusset. Shortly after that experience, I was contacted by the Czech brand PS-Ling which wanted to have my opinion about their product. I have to say that I was curious.

[ Disclosure: I received this thong from PS-Ling for the purpose of a review. I have been compensated for my work but all thoughts and opinions are my own.]
PS-Ling T-front thongPS-Ling Underwear creates T-front underwear and leotards which are garments that don’t have a gusset but instead a string going from the front to the back.
According to the brand, these garments offer freedom of movements and fulfill the hygienic purpose of regular underwear. Discussing with them, I learnt that they have been selling their leotards to dance school like the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg and even the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris. I think it is interesting that these famous establishments would consider trying these new and rather controversial garments. I would like to hear there thoughts on these pieces!
PS-Ling T-front thongAfter trying Bracli Vienna bodysuit, which wasn’t what I’d call comfortable, I wondered if this garment would have the same comfort issues and what they could be the advantages. Note that these garments, unlike Bracli lingerie, aren’t initially made for sexual purpose, although you can do whatever you wish with your underwear.
So, I received the T-front g-string – lace in black and size Medium. The thong is made of very stretchy lace and elastics and features a small satin ribbon at the front. The floral lace used for this product is quite easy to match with many black bras, as it’s very dense and discreet, so I paired it with my Comexim Bellissima bra. 

Fit and comfort

The size M is definitely the right size for me (I am usually a UK10). The lace is rather soft and not itchy. I expected to feel very weird about the look of this thong on me, but depending on the adjustment, it was not as revealing as I imagined.

You know, my first reaction, when I saw the stock pictures of this thong was ” Wow, that looks very uncomfortable”. I even did an Instagram survey to know how you guys felt about these garments and I can tell that this thought crossed the mind of many people. After trying is though, I was surprised, I’d say that it is neither particularly comfortable nor uncomfortable.

The string that goes in place of a gusset is supposed to lay flat on your clitoris. I didn’t wear this thong on a very active day but it seemed to stay into place. I didn’t have to readjust it though I did not forget about it, probably because I am not used to this fit. That being said, I would recommend to wear such a garment with fluid clothes instead of a tight pair of jean, if only for hygienic concerns.

PS-Ling T-front thong

To be honest, I didn’t feel more free of my movements because having no gusset made me feel like nothing was protecting my intimate area. As a former gymnast I wouldn’t imagine having my legs wide open in a split leap wearing something that doesn’t make me feel fully protected. This is a very personal preference, just like some people hate thongs and other hate high waisted briefs. Actually, in the brand survey more than 55,6% of women found PS-Ling leotards comfortable to very comfortable.

The thing that bothers me is the claim that T-front garments are as hygienic as garments with a gusset. I am doubting that just a thin string can efficiently protect your vulva from micro organisms and I was unable to find accurate information proving this.

PS-Ling T-front thong

Now, if wedgies is something that bothers you on a daily basis, this garment can prevent that issue. I believe these thongs should be worn occasionally instead of daily. For example, if you find your traditional undergarments annoying during sport, maybe you should give this a try.

It’s interesting to see how we all perceive underwear and comfort differently and that’s probably why the industry is actually so wide.

PS-Ling international website is currently in maintenance, so if you are interested in buying their products, just contact them via email at info@ps-ling.com. This particular product is retailed 10 USD and the bodysuits approximatively 26 USD.

I would love to hear about your experience if any of you guys have tried similar garments? What do you think about this trend?

Yours truly,

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  1. I’m too juicy for this… as bad as it sounds, I’m a girl with natural secretions.It’s interesting to see these kind of products pop up for practical purposes, though.

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