I am back with another photo series and two Avocado sets to review! As you know, the brand currently offers a lot of different bras patterns : A, RV, NF, HC, HCT, HCQ. That is kind of a lot when you don’t have experience with them, but I assure you, it’s not so complicated once you understand them. I have reviewed most of these cuts in the past (except the A cut), so feel free to have a look at my previous reviews! 🙂
Today, we’ll talk about the Lukka line, which is part of their Pleasures collection.

[ Disclosure: This sets have been gifted to me by Avocado Lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos credit: Bruno Balmokoun]Avocado lukkaI received Lukka in the two currently available cuts NF and HC in size 60H and two different pairs of coordinate in size XS.

Lukka HC and Full brief

The Lukka HC bra comes in a size range going from EU 60E to 65K and 70D to 90E. I would say that the 60H is close to a UK 28GG. This bra’s cups are made in two parts with one vertical seam. I love the combination of colours and the beautiful Swiss embroidery all over the cups. The band also features beautiful details around the wires and hooks and eyes. The straps feature blue tulle and grey elastics. It’s just lovely and subtle. In this size, the straps are actually rather thin and on the gore, the floral embroidery of the cup seems to continue and replace the traditional satin bow. The beautiful branded pendant gives it a nice finishing touch.
Avocado lukka

Fit and construction

Lukka reminds me of a beautiful but slightly cloudy sky, or the tumultuous water of a river going through polished and dark rocks. This bra is also one of the only half-cups that work for me, as they usually are too big or too small, never quite right. This bra features narrower wires than the other half-cups I have tried, which would partly explain why it fits me better. Avocado’s HC cut are more covering than your traditional half-cup, which is great for people with projected breasts like me.
Avocado lukkaMy breasts are full on sides, center, and bottom, for your info. My fuller breast is slightly too projected for this bra. For some reason it doesn’t show on the pictures, but I get nip slip if I bend forward too often. Now, It’s still the best half-cup I have tried, because despite the inevitable nip slip, my breasts don’t come out of this bra. The straps are short enough for my taste, and the band features 4 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. It’s a very supportive bra and I really love to wear it because of the beautiful décolleté it gives me.
Avocado lukkaThe coordinate is a full brief, which provides a little more coverage than I like from a brief that isn’t high-waisted. I wish it had mesh instead of microfiber on the back, but it’s very comfortable and I love the lovely embroidered tulle on the front’s sides. The more embroidery, the better.

Lukka NF and thong

The NF cut works usually great for me, as long as I get the right size. For a long time, I believe I was wearing one or two sizes too big. Since my breasts are projected, they seem to always fill the cups, but I would get a pointy shape. That being said, a 60H is perfect for me now and I love the rounded but natural shape of it. The size range for this bra is going from EU 60E to 65L and 70D to 95F, which is a bit larger than the HC size range.
Avocado lukka

Fit and construction

I appreciate that Avocado bra sizing is pretty consistent. In the case of Lukka, the NF cut works amazingly for me, better than the HC. This 3-part cut and sew bra is actually rather low cut and provide a full coverage without getting to high over the chest.
It has enough projection and doesn’t give me a east-west look. The scalloped edges of the cups are so cute and the way they decorate the chest is very elegant.
Avocado lukka[ My stretch marks have been airbrushed by the photographer in this picture, which is something I didn’t ask for and only noticed when I was putting this post together. Know that I always tell my photographers to not do that, but this time he forgot.]

The wires are narrow and the gore is low enough to be comfortable. The placement of the straps is great, in my opinion, as they don’t fall off my shoulders. This bra is very secure and perfect for every day wear. It feels luxurious and sturdy at the same time.

Avocado lukkaThe coordinate here is a thong (or so I decided for aesthetic purposes). It’s the second Avocado thong I own, and I am glad I was sent a size XS this time. I love this thong. It’s pretty from the front but also features embroidered details on the back. It’s mid-rise and I love that it’s quite wide above the bum.

It is very interested to try all these different items, and I love that the brand offers these different options. Depending on your breasts shape, they’ll have something for you. I would say that HC bras would look better on more even to full on top breasts while the NF works nicely on full on bottom breasts.

Hoping this is helpful!
Sending love,
xx Wen

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