Here’s another article I literally planned to release last year, (December 2018) but didn’t get to write before now. Can you believe we are almost in April already? Is 2019 going faster than 2018? Who knows…

Anyway, today is the second episode of my store reviews series! A few months ago, I discovered the beautiful lingerie boutique Ainsi soit-elle in Westmount and I have actually loved the vibe of the staff and the store itself. I actually knew this boutique before, when they had a store in a mall downtown but it closed, to my despair. This store was known for stocking Simone Pérèle and I had been lusting over an Implicite set that I didn’t get the chance to buy before they closed. However, I figured out eventually that they had 2 other locations: one in Laval and one in Westmount.

[ This article comes from my personal initiative and I haven’t been compensated to write it.]
The owner of the store is a very nice lady that impressed me by her open minded point of view on the lingerie industry. I do not always get to talk much with store owners in France or in Montreal, mostly because they often look at me as if I was a teenager who doesn’t know what she is talking about from the moment I pass the door. But this was not the case here, and we had a great and interesting discussion.
I loved that this stores carries a wide range of products, from silk loungewear to full bust bras and swimwear. Although it’s complicated for a store to stock every size and product, I think they are doing a good job at meeting their customers need. It’s clear that the location of the store says something about the people who will buy from it, but I think with the different price range and brands that they offer, there is a chance that a lot of people will find something that please them. And as often in Montreal, if a brand makes your size but you can’t find it in store, they’ll order it in for you.

The store sells a little bit of everything but you’ll definitely find a lot of Simone Pérèle, Aubade and Felina in their lingerie selection. I noticed that in Montreal stores tend to “specialize” in a few brands that they will keep working with over the years, for many reasons, so it’s good to spot where are your favorites. It will save you time.
However, discussing with the owner, I understood that she planned on giving a new fresh image to her store very soon this year, bringing maybe new items and an even more glamorous look to her store.

Right now I get a very cosy vibe from Ainsi soit-elle. They’ll offer you coffee and water, and won’t pressure you into buying things, which feels good because pressure during lingerie shopping is literally the worst. It’s so important to feel welcome and I love that lingerie stores would make these extra efforts to create a relationship with their customers.

It’s always interesting to me to go into a lingerie store and realize what sells. While as a blogger, I am always looking for the latest exciting and singular product, the truth is that shapewear and plain black and beige panties are still relevant for lingerie customers. In Montreal I have also noticed that PJs were sold way more than satin/lace slip in lingerie boutique.

Ainsi soit-elle Montreal

Maybe this cold weather calls for warmer nightwear, or maybe the regular lingerie customer in Canada isn’t my age (clearly not). With that being said, I wouldn’t say no to that cute umbrella print, and I think the store’s selection is appropriate for a wide range of age.

Ainsi soit-elle Montreal

I am a bit late on this post, so I imagine that the sales aren’t the same right now as they were 3 months ago, but I think it is always worth it to see what they have in stock. I believe I spotted a lot of PrimaDonna bikinis for a very good price, and even a couple of Gottex swimsuits.

Ainsi soit-elle Montreal

Going to this store was an interesting experience and I love to hear people from this industry talking about making lingerie accessible and fun instead of taboo and elitist.
I think there is a lot we can do to improve this industry and I hope I get to see it involve and grow into something that all people can enjoy and respect.

In the meantime, I’ll be there, reviewing as many places, books and lingerie pieces as I can!

You can find Ainsi soit-elle on 4112 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Westmount, QC. 🙂

xoxo Wen

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  1. As a Canadian I am always delighted to see reviews for Canadian places to buy lingerie – this is definitely added to my list of places to visit when I get to Montreal. I keep hoping you’ll review more Canadian shops and brands since I like to try to shop within Canada.

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