Full bust bodysuits are now widely available, and I have to say that this fact makes me incredibly happy. I might sound like a broken record but all the options I didn’t have a few years ago and that are now available feel like a blessing from the lingerie goddess.
While I am not into modern shape-wear, I have always loved bodysuits.

I actually loved them even when they were just baby clothes (which might sound weird), and I remember being quite annoyed as a little girl when they all became too small for me. I guess I just like the fact that they go all over the body. It’s like an all over protection, and as grown up garments they are also very pretty.

[I bought this bodysuit with my own money and under my real name. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.]Empreinte ApollineWhen I discovered the Empreinte Apolline collection, 3 years ago, I immediately fell in love with its regal embroidery. I wanted it in every colorway. Of course life doesn’t work like that and I couldn’t afford them all, but I have been lucky enough to find this bodysuit on final sale last Fall for 75€ (≈ 115 CAD). In Canada this piece is worth 300 CAD, so of course I couldn’t pass on it. This teal colourway is now discontinued, but the brand offers a light pink (Rose tendre), ivory and a black colorway this season. I really want to put my hands on the black version at some point. (Yes, I am a bit greedy when I love a lingerie collection).
Empreinte ApollineYou know, my usual Empreinte size is 30F/75F but their bodysuits all start at a 32 band. Since their wires are known to be unique to a specific size, I was a bit scared to sister size with this piece. However, I am really glad I did, because the fit is actually perfect.
Apolline is glorious. It’s one of those timeless collections that should remain continuity in my opinion. I have never seen one colourway that wasn’t pretty, and this embroidery is actually one of the fanciest I have ever own.
Empreinte Apolline
I regret not taking better pictures because this is really a sumptuous piece. For reference, the true colour of this bodysuit is similar to the picture below. It’s one of my favorite colours and I wish I owned more piece in this shade.

Figleaves UK

The fit

Just like Empreinte one piece swimsuit, this bodysuit doesn’t feature any traditional hooks and eyes opening. You basically have to jump into it. This can make it tricky if you happen to have wide hips. I am always very careful when I put it on, and it seems to have quite a lot of stretch but it feels a bit weird to have the wires going through my whole body before reaching my infra-mammary fold.

Empreinte Apolline
Despite the absence of opening, once you finally have it on, this piece provides optimal support and the wires sit in the right place. As I have high roots, they sit just a bit lower than my infra-mammary fold but this is the case with so many bras that it actually feels normal to me. Since they aren’t digging painfully into my ribs, I think this is great fit.
These wires are narrow and the gore tacks perfectly against my sternum.

Empreinte Apolline

The bra is a three-part full cup with a slightly plunging neckline. It feels well my full on bottom breasts. I believe that if I was more full on top I would have to go for a 32F because these cups are close at the top and would cut into my breasts tissue.
Do not expect a super rounded shape from Empreinte cut-and-sew bras. They won’t give you that. Instead, they provide a rather natural and projected fit.

I have a rather average torso for my 5″7, and this piece have a great length in my opinion. It doesn’t give me uncomfortable wedgies and stays into place through the day. The straps have an average length but short enough for my taste. My breasts asymmetry means that I adjust the straps very differently to fit each of my breasts, as you can see on my back picture.
Empreinte Apolline
I really love the repartition of the embroidered tulle. It has no stretch (it’s not mesh), but the teal powermesh on the side and back does a very good job at shaping the body slightly, while still allowing movement. This is a very comfortable piece.
I always want to wear it, especially during cold weather. It’s great to add another layer under my clothes, and give me a boost of confidence to face the day.
I particularly appreciate the snap opening at the crotch because bodysuits without openings are just a big no no for me. I really don’t understand why a lingerie designer wouldn’t include an opening if they market their product as underwear. How do you go to the bathroom then?

Anyway, the Empreinte Apolline body is such a precious piece and I am so glad to finally be able to appreciate her beauty on my body. I got to try a few bodysuits since the end of 2018 and I can’t wait to share them with your guys.

Let me know if there is a particular one you would like me to review on this blog! 🙂

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