We need to talk about fancy loungewear. Of course, they aren’t the most practical items of clothing. We are usually scared of wearing them too often. They aren’t cheap so we want them to last forever. Pets owners can get hair on their favorite pieces. Parents sometimes feel like fancy clothing around small kids are just not the way to go ( I wouldn’t disagree…). Well, there is always a good reason to not wear your prettiest things around the house.
Well, loungewear is becoming my favorite thing since I started working from home. I don’t have kids or pets, and working alone can feel so lonely sometimes. Feeling pretty just helps going through the day, and just gives the impression to be on top of the world. A queen in her kingdom. I am not exaggerating.

[ I received these items as gifts from Kiss Me Deadly. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Kiss me deadly PLUM LEONIE Everyone is different but if I stay in sweat pants or leggings at home I just feel like going for a run, or watching Netflix and doing nothing, nothing related to work anyway. So I need to dress up. I admit that I accumulated enough loungewear during the past few years to play a bit, but I keep wanting more.

Actually when the Leonie range came out, I thought I would have to try it at some point, so being gifted this set was quite amazing! This gorgeous purple, the silhouette of the gown, the diamond cut-out at the back. What’s not to love? My only concern was the fit. How would this gown work for my G cup? One of the brand’s models seemed small busted and I assumed she wore a Small or Medium. Having a very different body shape I decided to ask the brand for advice and they told me that the Small should work.

Kiss me deadly PLUM LEONIE review[I apologize for the wrinkles, but I didn’t have a steamer in this location.]

I am so glad I opted for that size! The fit is simply perfect. There is actually a lot of room in the bust area and it just gives such a flattering look! This gown is glorious. The bias cut results in an amazing fit. I had never tried a gown made of a similar pattern and I was really impressed. You know I am often annoyed by my narrow hips and I imagined I would maybe not look so good in a long gown like this one, but I feel like a million dollars mermaid every time I put it on.
Kiss me deadly PLUM LEONIE gownI am just looking for an opportunity to wear it out. The attention to detail is beautiful. You’ll find a satin covered button at the back and a sheer chiffon panel at the bottom of the skirt. This design is just so elegant. I am in love.

I received the matching robe and it’s actually quite different from the other robes I have tried so far. While I love wide kimono sleeves, I was pleasantly surprised by the batwinged sleeves. They are quite narrow and feature beautiful satin covered buttons around the wrist.
Kiss me deadly PLUM LEONIE robeI am usually scared to go for a size Small in robes because I like a wide wrap around effect, and being able to raise my arms. This is not a problem with this piece. It’s amazingly generous in fabric and the skirt is so full.
I love that this robe closes in three ways! First there is a tie inside to keep it closed, then there is a hook on the outside so you can close it even without the belt, and then there’s the actual satin belt.

30's inspired robeThis is such a great piece, really. Everything about it seems so intentional and I love that. Kiss Me Deadly Plum Leonie set was inspired by 30’s robe and gown patterns and it has an incredible vintage charm to it. I just feel like I run the place when I wear it.
Before the brand offered to send it to me, I was about to buy the gown in their winter sale. Now that I own it, I can tell that it was sold for a steal! Kiss Me Deadly has a Spring sale at the moment, so if your size is still available I would recommend to check these pieces out!
purple satin robeI am seriously considering wearing the gown out. It’s now one of my wardrobe treasures. As I recently started to evacuate clothes that didn’t spark joy, I realized that my wardrobe now is half loungewear/half outerwear. And this feels so right to me. I love that fancy pieces get to be worn outside of my apartment. Every day is an appropriate occasion to wear your favorite items. Life is definitely too short to keep them for special occasions only.

Sending love,

Yours truly!

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