Two days ago in Montreal, we finally experienced decent temperatures. I am talking about 15-17 Celsius degrees. Nice almost warm sun, no freezing wind. Canada makes me appreciate the thinnest sun ray hitting my skin. Now, I can’t wait to lay on the beach again and I thought it was time for another swimwear review!

[I received this swimsuit from Empreinte for review purpose. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos credit: Bruno Balmokoun, and my mum.]
I remember the time when I didn’t like one-piece swimsuit. When I thought they were uncool and unsuitable for me anyway. Well, that time is long gone. Now I am all about the elegance and glamorous silhouette of a proper swimsuit.
We now have many options on the market, although not all brands and not all patterns work for everyone. Today’s review is about Empreinte Curl collection in the lush Pourpre colorway.
You guys must know that I LOVE pourpre as a colour. Burgundy is my favorite colour and the “pourpre spectrum” includes all the shades I love. It’s such a regal range of colour from red-ish purple to brown. I love earth tones. They are just so flattering.
The Curl collection is meant to be sleek and modern, although it does have some light vintage vibes, which I appreciate.
Bruno Balmokoun photo

Fit and construction

I was sent a 32F ( 38/F if you are buying from a French website). This size is perfect for me in Empreinte one-piece swimsuit, although I wear a 30F in their bikini tops. I think in general, this type of patterns are more forgiving than full-bust bikini tops. I still have room for growth in these cups.
What I like about Empreinte is that the brand has a consistent range of patterns so that you may never be surprised by the fit of their products once you have tried a few of them. No need to “guess” what size would fit best.
Empreinte reviewThe Curl swimsuit is made from a high quality lycra that hugs the body without being restrictive. I love how they shaped the bust area. Instead of a three parts “cup”, there is a build-in bra with vertical seams on the inside. On the outside, the oblique seams give a natural but slightly uplifted shape. There’s no actual band or hooks and eyes.
Empreinte swimsuitThis piece still stays into place but I do feel like the full support happens after it’s been completely submersed in water. The two strings that tie around the neck are more of an aesthetic detail than a support tool, which is very nice because they don’t cause neck pain.

The wires are a bit too wide for my liking but they aren’t uncomfortable, which is probably due to the fact that they are not pulled by a bra band. I have high roots and these wires are made for lower roots so they do not meet my infra-mammary fold.`
I think this piece would work great for full on bottom people. It also provides a good amount of covering at the back. Now I think this piece would gain in practicality if it had any type of opening. I don’t struggle to jump into it but since there are wires, I never feel really comfortable passing them through my thighs and hips. It seems to be made for people with relatively narrow hips. The medium leg cut gives a comfortable fit and I would say that this swimsuit would work for someone taller than me (5″7 for reference). I love to wear it as a strapless by hiding the straps inside the cups. It highlights the lovely the heart-shape neckline.

Empreinte one-piece swimsuits have this classic elegance that is truly timeless but they are also made with comfort in mind. You’ll notice even with their bikinis bottoms that their products provide coverage and security.So far I am loving every piece of swimwear I own from this brand and I hope I get to review other patterns in the future! Their padded cups seem to give a great shape and their strapless bikini tops are adorable.

Sending good vibes…

Yours truly,

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