It’s that time of the year again. The sun is up and we start being creative with our outfits again after a long winter of hiding under thick coats. Bralettes are kind of a big trend during summer for they are worn as outerwear or even in place of a crop top.
As a full busted woman, I usually fear using bralettes as cropped top and prefer the security of a bra. However, once in a while, I come across a design that is worth taking the risk.

[ Disclaimer: I won this set in a Uye Surana giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
To be honest, when Uye Surana released the Lacey easy fit bralette , I wasn’t really convinced by the high amount of coverage around the neckline. It just was a bit too much for me. I wasn’t really convinced by the lace either actually. I only loved the colour options: Emerald, Pearl gray, Lilac, Rose Quartz… They all sounded lovely. At this point I hadn’t noticed the extremely minimalist back. That is actually what made me change my mind about this design.After I won the giveaway, I was asked about my preferred size as this bralette doesn’t come in bra sizes per se. As usual, I fell precisely in between sizes as I am in between a UK 30G and a 30GG. I suspected that the M/L would work better than a L/XL and opted for it. Luckily I was right! I went for XS/S for the coordinate, which was also a good choice.
When I tried the set on, I was surprised by how much I loved it. This open back was simply unexpectedly great. The bralette remains stable and supportive through the day and actually is very nice looking itself. I feel like it should be worn as is. First, because the high neckline doesn’t work with many of my tops, but also because it’s secure enough to wear as a cropped top if you dare!
Uye Surana has been improving their fullbust offer and I appreciate that their products are easier and easier to buy. I kind of hate going for custom designs because it’s so easy to get disappointed. With this type of products you have a good margin of error and you can even get an exchange if you make a mistake when picking your size.

I still wish the neckline was deeper but well, at least I don’t experience nip slip even with my full on bottom and projected breasts. The coordinate is almost a tanga on me. It’s very flat, very discreet and rather practical. It’s not my favourite cut as I think it’s a bit too scalloped at the front but well, it works! Note that the Emerald lace did bleed quite much when I washed it so I would recommend to wash the set alone the first few washes (or always).
The fact that this bralette doesn’t have an underbust band was a concern of mine at the beginning but it really does its job pretty well without it and is very comfortable. Uye Surana Lacey easy fit set retails for 76 USD which is a great price for an ethically made, well-fitting and fashionable lingerie set! I am glad I won this giveaway because I would probably have missed on the fun otherwise!

Uye Surana is a great designer for so many reasons. I love the inclusivity in their sizing and their constant research for improvement. I highly recommend to try their products!

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7 Replies to “Mini review: Uye Surana Lacey easy fit bralette (M/L)”

  1. That Uye Surana lingerie set looks very pretty.
    I like the colour, what looks like a variegated jacquard, and the crossover design of the bra.
    It’s pretty enough that I can imagine it worn under under a semi-sheer blouse for a lingerie-as-outerwear look.

  2. Thank you for reviewing our Lacey set! We’re so glad that you we’re able to give this a try and hope you find some cute ways to layer it as well. Maybe some deep v necklines?

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