It’s no secret that Harlow & Fox is one of the best full-bust luxury brands out there… Well-fitting luxury full bust bras are a rare thing and I can only think about 2 brands that make them right up to a GG/H cup. Sadly for bigger cup sizes, custom order is still the way to go in luxury fashion. While luxury garments are often more about the aesthetic than the fit, I very much appreciate brands that can do both.

If I am being honest, Harlow & Fox is still out of my budget at full price. So you can imagine that I acted really quickly when they announced their first online sample sale, last summer. I had the chance to buy a couple of sets from them at this occasion for a fraction of their retail price (think 29£ for a bra instead of 140£). At this price, I couldn’t pass on the 3 pieces especially since they miraculously came in my size.

[I bought this set with my own money, under my real name. Harlow and Fox hasn’t required a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun.]
For this review, I decided to not feature the suspender belt because unfortunately the size Small is too big for me. The brand currently only offers XS as a custom order and this means 50£ more, which I can’t justify right now.  So, I bought the bra in size 30G which is the size that fits me best in this brand so far, and the brief in size XS because it was the last option available.

Appearance and fit

Eleanor is not my first Harlow & Fox set. I reviewed Serena about two years ago, which was utterly perfect in every way. Eleanor isn’t based on the same exact pattern. It actually gives a more natural, less rounded shape. This bra is made of beautiful silk and incredibly beautiful eyelashes lace. This lace is one of the most precious I have had the chance to wear so far. To be honest, the simple fact that this set is ivory makes it look so delicate that I fear to wear it often. Even almost 8 months after buying it I am impressed and delighted every time I lay my eyes on it.Harlow & Fox Eleanor review You must know that Harlow & Fox patterns are unlike any other patterns, I have encountered. I have made a pretty detailed description in my Serena review, although I think it’s hard to imagine without seeing it yourself. On this bra, the construction is more visible from the outside than it is on the Serena, so I don’t wish to go into as many details as I did in my other review. The bottom part of the cup is lined with silk while the top part is lined with soft tulle.

This makes the bra both extremely luxurious and comfortable. I basically just want to touch my breasts when I wear it. I own this bra in the Mink colorway (one of their first Eleanor colorways) and the fit is a bit more relaxed, the band a little looser. Although it doesn’t show much in these pictures, the Almond Eleanor gives me uplift and a beautiful neckline. I imagine the brand must have improved the pattern through time.

Harlow & Fox Eleanor reviewThe band is tight enough for my taste and I can wear it at the loosest setting. I know some people find H&F ‘s bands tight because they are made of silk, but I actually don’t. I once tried a 32 band and it felt big. The gore isn’t painful and tacks properly. It also features a beautiful pearl in its center.

I suspect that this bra isn’t as perfect as it should considering its price. I believe the dye is different from what it is in the current version. I bought the full set for this reason actually. Perhaps there are other issues I do not notice, but for me, it is simply excellent. The stitching is neat and the fabric looks new. My mink Eleanor felt a bit older though. But it was probably a 5years old sample, and silk gets damaged with friction.

Harlow & Fox EleanorAgain, silk is a tricky material and my breasts aren’t full enough to completely prevent wrinkles, however, this size is the best for me in this style. The wires are medium width but could be a bit narrower to really follow my breasts roots. They aren’t uncomfortable, so I don’t mind.

The coordinate

I am usually a Small in Harlow and Fox, but during this sample sale I actually got a XS thong and XS brief and both of them fitted me. I believe a Small would have been better for the brief though. It’s made of pure silk and the same gorgeous lace as the bra. At the back, you’ll also find a pretty pearl pendant and bow adorning the keyhole.
This piece is super cute and comfortable, but surprisingly I think I prefer the look of the thong on me. It’s not really VPL free, especially because it’s a bit small for my bum. I love it very much anyway.

Harlow & Fox Eleanor

I really wish the suspender in Small fitted me as well. I still haven’t found the time to alter it. It’s amazingly pretty. Unfortunately, it slips along my hips and doesn’t stay up for long so I do not trust it with stockings. Hopefully, I will be able to wear it soon.

I am so happy I got to put my hands on this set. If your breasts shape work with it, I think you couldn’t be disappointed. It seems to work best for full on bottom to even breasts, but it has some flexibility at the top of the cup so top fullness is not necessarily a no-no.

Harlow & Fox Eleanor is a classic and timeless creation and I wouldn’t mind adding more colorways to my collection.

Yours truly,

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  1. The sheen of the ivory coloured fabric and the lace insets of the Harlow + Fox Eleanor Almond luxury lingerie set look very pretty. In fact, this set looks much prettier being modelled by you than it does on the model shown wearing this set on Harlow and Fox’s website. Even though I prefer full coverage in a brief, I do very much like the look of the stitching used at the leg-bands of the brief.
    It is a pretty lingerie set, and these photographs of you modelling it are excellent!

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