If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you might remember my Gossard period. I actually started this blog reviewing Gossard lingerie, and they were the first brand to ever work with me. Since then, a lot has changed and I eventually discovered many other brands suitable for my size.

[Disclosure: I bought this corselette with my own money under my real name. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit : Becky Yee.]
However, some things will never change and Gossard Retrolution range will forever be my aesthetic. Their Retrolution half-padded bra is actually the first well-fitting bra I got when I discovered online shopping. I still own it. This bra is discontinued but the brand is coming up with a new version next winter. It won’t be for full busted babes, sadly.

I very clearly remember when the brand released this corselette. I was in my first year in Canada and my roommate at the time knew about my lingerie obsession. I literally gasped when I saw this beauty. Then sadly told her my money was safe because it didn’t come in my size. We both loved Gossard so much. I literally buried the idea of getting anything else from that range since the only option available in my size was one I already had. But you know, life has its way to bring me back to my unpurchased loves.
When I was in Paris in January, actually during my very last day, I decided to visit a small boutique I had actually ordered from in the past: Les p’tits Caprices. If you can get past the messiness, this is a great place to buy discontinued lines and even more recent ones in sizes that are hard to find anywhere else in the city. This is where I found it.

(Les p’tits Caprices: 102 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France)

They had a couple of sizes available and somehow just looking at the 34E I felt like the cup were big enough to consider trying it. I am so glad I did.
The cups remind me a little of Wonderbra famous strapless bra. They are roomy, despite the non-removable extra foam for an accentuated push-up effect. Since I am full on bottom, this type of cups works very well for me.

The busk of this piece is made of rose gold metal and is very pretty. However, there is no need to use it as a closure. The back (that I am sorry we didn’t shoot), is closed with a long line of 20 hooks and eyes that go even lower than the front would suggest. It covers a big part of my bum. There are 2 rows of hooks and eyes and I am definitely more comfortable at the tightest setting. Of course, a 32″ body would have been best but I think the 34 works fine enough. After all, it’s more of a basque than an actual corset.
The boning is plastic but this piece is still undeniably flattering. The lace is beautiful and all the thick retro detailing is adorable. All the straps are detachable and I actually think I could wear it as a strapless piece. However, the garter straps are definitely necessary to get the best fit possible since I went with a 34 “band”. They help to prevent wrinkles at the back (not all of them, unfortunately).

There are 2 lines of gel at the upper and lower edges of the corselette to prevent the piece from slipping. The black panels of fabric at the back are made of some strong satin-like microfiber. Another nice detail is the tiny hook in between the cups, that hold them closer together. This is great and prevents my breasts from escaping in the middle.
I got this piece on sale for 83€ if I remember well, which I think was totally worth it. The retail price is 98£ which is roughly 115€. The fit and appearance of this piece aren’t disappointing at all. I actually want to wear it as a top. It’s nice to the touch, nice to look at, so worth showing off!

Have you tried anything from the Retrolution collection?

Sending love,

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8 Replies to “Gossard Retrolution corselette review (34E)”

  1. Stunning! Both you and the Gossard Lingerie outfit look absolutely gorgeous. I’m swooning. The natural light from those large windows illuminates you and the lingerie beautifully.
    The Gossard corselette’s lines of gel that prevent slipping sounds like an excellent feature. I love the design, lace, look of the suspenders and over-all appearance of this corselette.
    These photos are fabulous.
    I also loved your December 2015 post titled “Gossard Gypsy in Rouge Review”.
    I really must visit Gossard Lingerie’s website more often!!!

    1. Aaaaw thank you so much for reading and the kind words about the pictures! They were fun to take!

      xx Wen

  2. I have this too. Like you I had to compromise on the size so I can’t wear it strapless but it’s a beautiful piece. One of my first expensive pieces of lingerie. Not sure if I personally, would be brave enough to wear it was a top. Underwear as outerwear isn’t really a thing where I live.

    1. Oh yeah I totally understand. I think everywhere actually people are a bit scared to wear lingerie as outerwear despite what we see on the internet.
      I think I would love to wear this under a sheer dress instead of as a top. It would make me feel less naked but still stylish and extravagant. 😂

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