Hey, dears! <3 I haven’t been around as much as I wanted to this month. Life has been hard on me but things are surely getting better. So here I am with another Adina Reay review! I had the Adina Reay Kiki set on my 2018 wishlist and now that I own it, I can say I am not disappointed!

This set is modern, fashion-forward and gives me some minimalist androgynous vibes. I absolutely love the pattern and circle embroidery detailing. The silk accents on the gore and wires add some luxury to the ensemble. I am not 100%sure that these photos give it honour. I would love to photograph it again in a more minimalistic environment.

[I received this set as a gift from Adina Reay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
Adina Reay lingerie

Fit and sizing

In term of sizing and fit this is my favorite bra from the brand so far. Kiki is flattering, extremely supportive, aesthetically pleasing and true to the brand cup sizing. I consider Adina Reay to fit a bit bigger in the cup than some other British brands and their bras are always so right for me in a 30G, I do not experience awkward gaps and it feels like both my breasts are the same size. In term of band sizing, it’s the tightest Adina Reay bra I have ever tried and it is for the best.

Adina Reay I think it’s a true 30 band and even on the tighter side. I believe the Adina Reay Kiki set and Veronica black have very improved fit and sizing compared to the Pru and Kate I have tried last year. While Kate was incredibly beautiful, I found the straps and band to be too long. This is not the case with Veronica and Kiki.

The bands are true to size and straps length is short enough to give me the option of a looser or tighter setting. Here again. there are 3 sets of 2 hooks  I love it when brands take notes of customers feedback and improve themselves new collections after new collections.

Adina Reay Kiki set

The wires are relatively wide and the gore is purposely exposed. I love this part of the design. I know some of you might think it’s uncomfortable, but it actually doesn’t hurt me the way high gores usually do. I think this bra is best for people with tall roots/high set breasts. It also gives an incredibly round bust all over. Not only from a profile view but also from the front (which I regret not photographing better).

Another important detail that makes this bra sturdy although it looks light is that it is lined with 2 layers of dark beige tulle instead of one. The neckline is also elasticated so this might explain why I don’t experience the gap issue I usually encounter with plunge bras. Kiki is very well-thought out. The attention to detail is beautiful and the gold hardware complete this set perfectly.
Adina Reay Kiki set

I wouldn’t say that it really center the breasts. Instead, it concentrates them into two very round areas on your chest. It doesn’t give me an “East-West” look and is actually quite nice under clothes.

I received the coordinate in a size Small which is right for me. The pattern isn’t the most flattering for my bodyshape (at least from the front) but it is cute and VPL-free! It is a comfortable piece that is easy to wear with any pair of pants.

Let’s take a minute to discuss pricing…

I recently came across some comments about the fact that nobody can afford a 90£ bra and that perhaps they should never cost that much. Such comments aren’t rare on the internet nowadays. Often, they are caused by ignorance and frustration so I do not condemn people for thinking this way. However, some things need to be clarified because, in many ways, these comments aren’t fair to a lot of people.

bruno balmokoun

While a 90£ bra is clearly classified as luxury, there is often a lot of reasons for this price tag. Think about where the bra has been made, in which conditions, how many people were involved in the process of thinking and making this bra from scratch to finish etc… Fast fashion is literally a plague to our society. While we can’t all afford to have many 90 £ bras (or any), this price doesn’t necessarily mean you are being ripped off.

Also, the fact that it’s not affordable for our budget doesn’t mean it is an unfair price. We all are sad when factories walls fall over workers or when we hear that women are being abused in their workplace. Paying a fair price for our garments is also a way to create safer environments for more workers.

On a lighter note, I believe Adina Reay is a brand that is constantly improving and offering incredible designs for full-busted women. I am in love with their new Vivien set since I saw it at the Salon de la lingerie in January, and I can’t wait for the brand to release more of their incredible new styles (think lingerie skirts and kimonos!) ! I might review their unpadded strapless bra this summer! Fingers crossed! 😀

Sending love, as always!

Yours truly,

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3 Replies to “Mini review: Adina Reay Kiki set (30G & S)”

  1. I like the over all appearance of the Adina Reay Kiki set.
    The embroidered eyelet ornamentation and wide leg bands in the briefs of the set look very attractive to me.
    The artistically designed overlay of embroidered shaping bands on the tulle fabric, and the silk accents an the gore of the bra look pretty.

    1. Hum 🤔… Well, I wear a size Small which seems true to a UK 10 and it fits my hips but if you want more coverage over your bum, I would size up.

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