When I started this blog, all I wanted was to find the best full bust options out there. I didn’t believe in wearing non-specialized garments because, at the time, they often were inappropriate for my body shape and more importantly unflattering. However, this year, I came across a few items that didn’t come in bra sizes but actually worked very well for me.

[I received this swimsuit as a gift from UK swimwear. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
One of them is the Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit. The issue I usually encounter with one-piece non-wired swimsuits is that they do not have enough room for my breasts. Therefore, they tend to crush them which results in a very unflattering silhouette especially with high coverage pieces.
Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit reviewHowever, this year, I started being obsessed with one-piece swimsuits featuring a zipper and cutouts. While I know some fullbust brands are about to release some of these styles very soon, at the time UK Swimwear reached out to me, this Gottex piece was one of the closest designs from what I was looking for.
The Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit reminds me a little of my old gym leotards. It’s a neat design with glittery accents and a killer construction. Sporty with a touch of glamour. The mesh parts make it more delicate and fragile than any of my other swimsuits but it does feel quite durable. Gottex is known for creating high-end swimwear. This first impression is actually very good.
fullbust friendly swimsuit

The Fit

I was sent a size UK 10 which is perfect for me. I was a bit worried about the look of my breasts in this piece but it actually features a built-in padded bralette with a front opening. It actually opens with one set of 2 hooks and eyes. This is a really excellent addition to this design, as it provides support and security. I could actually wear the zipper lower for a phenomenal cleavage but that is not the look I wanted for these pictures, ahah!

Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit review uk swimwearThis piece is rather comfortable to wear and I don’t need to readjust it so much. However, I wish it had more space for my bum because it’s a bit tight in this area. It’s not as if I could have gone for a size bigger, the rest of the suit is perfect for me. That being said, it’s a common issue for me with one-piece swimsuits and bodysuits.

Otherwise, I truly love the fit of this piece. It holds everything into place. One other intersting detail is that the lower part of the suit is lined with a soft and stretchy fabric on the back. Basically, your bum’s skin isn’t in direct contact with the lycra. On the front however, it is lined with powermesh for tummy control. I just really appreciate not having to care about my breasts when I swim. This piece is perfect for that.
Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit reviewIt is also long enough for my torso. The fabric seems to be of great quality and the attention to detail is present. It’s really a beautiful piece and I am glad I got to finally try Gottex swimwear. This brand offers luxury swimsuits within a price range going roughly from 104£ to 552£ . Their couture range is truly a work of art, but I believe they offer amazing product throughout the whole price range. Gottex Profile StargazerTheir designs are fashion-forward and neat. I am glad that some of them are actually full bust friendly. Gottex Profile Stargazer Swimsuit is another beautiful addition to my swimwear wardrobe and I will definitely keep an eye on this brand in the future!

What do you think of Gottex? Have you ever tried this brand?

Hope it’s summer already in your part of the world!

Yours truly,

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