Another day, another lingerie adventure! I have to say that this post’s publication has been extremely delayed. Still, I think you guys need to know about Collange lingerie. It’s one of the most gorgeous lingerie boutiques in Montreal. When I discovered it, I felt like I was in a lingerie paradise.

[I am not affiliated to Collange lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]Collange lingerieCollange lingerie


Located in Westmount, this boutique is also one of the biggest I have seen so far, in Canada. From the windows to the back of the store, everything is carefully thought-out to look luxurious and well-organized.

The first thing that caught my attention when I arrived at the store was the beautiful mannequins modeling luxury loungewear behind the windows. The styling of the store is very tasteful. I forgot to take a picture but you’ll even see some lingerie and fashion-focused books in the store! Not for sale, but still great to see!
Collange lingerieandres sarda collange lingerieThe lingerie is organized by color which is actually very neat and lovely. You’ll find fashion brands that are unavailable anywhere else in the province. Andrés Sardá, La Perla, Lejaby, Chantal Thomass to name a few.


I wouldn’t call Collange a full-bust lingerie boutique. While they stock Empreinte, most of the other brands available offer core size ranges. There is always a possibility to make an order if a brand offers a size that isn’t available in store, under certain conditions. My favorite thing about this store is the amount of luxury loungewear they carry. Usually, in Montreal boutiques, loungewear seems to be focused on comfort rather than aesthetic. Most boutiques will sell cotton pajamas and nighties. Collange lingerie boutique offer a wide selection of silk nightwear especially from Canadian brand Christine lingerie, but also some European brands. This is perfect for Canadian lingerie addicts who don’t want to deal with shipping or customs duties.
They also sell some luxury swimwear and footwear. Honestly, I wish they had more full-bust options but their selection is amazing and I know not every store can do it.
Empreinte is a good starting point anyway if you are looking for fit, quality and beautiful designs. However in Canada these bras retail for 200$+ taxes, so it is an investment.
Collange lingerie To be honest, in this part of the country you will mostly find Empreinte and Primadonna if you are looking for full bust bras. A few places are selling British bras but it is very rare to find a bra bigger than an F cup. A lot of stores technically stop at a G cup but the options are limited. Lise Charmel Collange lingerieI might have said it before but one of the advantages of shopping European lingerie in Montreal is that you can find some nice discontinued styles. (See the Empreinte Pompadour bra, that I reviewed here). Collange is especially great when it comes to fashion lingerie. It’s clear that their customer base appreciates rare luxury pieces and original designs.

But they really carry enough lingerie for most people to find something to love. If you have the budget, this store is a dream. I would still recommend visiting it if you don’t because it’s just too pretty. As a Montreal blogger, this is a place I am happy I have found.

Collange Lingerie : 1379 Avenue Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2A5, Canada

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  1. This boutique makes me want to book a weekend in Montreal! Thanks for a great review and fab pics.

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