It’s been a while since I have reviewed a corset! I have always wanted to try a waist cincher, and I actually love a shorter corset as it is very practical for everyday wear.
I was gifted the Glamorous corset Bella a long time ago, and today I finally found the time to review this piece.

[ I received this corset as a gift from Glamorous corset. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Glamorous corset Bella satinThe Glamorous corset Bella is my first polyester satin corset. The first thing I noticed when I put it out of its cute branded velvet pouch was that it was shinier than my silk corset. I like this glossy effect. It works well with light and thin material such as lace.


Bella is a classic short 8” underbust corset. This piece features 16 Steel Bones (4 rigid steel bones, 12 spiral steel bones), a steel busk and a wide modesty panel. I know not every corset comes with a modesty panel but I think it’s much better when they do.
This type of corset is great for people with short torso actually. I also think you should give it a try if you can’t stand longer corsets for comfort-related reasons.
Glamorous corset Bella satin

The fit

I received a 20″ corset instead of my usual 18″. In fact, this corset doesn’t go as high on my rib cage and as low on my hips as the Lara corset from the same brand.
Because of that, there is no need for a smaller size.

When I first put this corset on, I felt like it wouldn’t need much seasoning. After a few wears ( three, if I remember properly), I was already quite comfortable wearing it the way it is in these pictures. This corset doesn’t seem fragile, I am not scared of damaging it when I put it on. I have to say that it feels good to wear a corset that isn’t too restrictive or fragile. I am quite active during the day lately and I need to move rather freely.
The seams are neat and the finished product is worth the 74 USD in my opinion ( though it’s currently on sale for 69 USD). This is a very affordable price for a corset.

I think Glamorous Corset is a great company for those of you who want to start wearing corsets but aren’t sure where to start or can’t afford the luxury options. Their corsets are affordable and reliable. I now have three of them and although the Lara cotton took a long time to become comfortable, they all are great basics in my corset wardrobe.

Let me know if you have any question!

Yours truly,

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4 Replies to “Mini review : Glamorous corset Bella satin corset 20″”

    1. Aaaw thank you! It’s an old piece from Gossard! I think it was called the Vintage Glamour Lace slip. I really love it!

  1. That Glamorous Corset Bella black satin corset looks amazing styled with the Gossard Vintage Glamour lace cap-sleeved slip dress!!!!!! I love the look! It looks like and excellent first corset to purchase.

  2. Do you have any corsets from Orchard Corset? I’ve heard “eh” reviews from other bloggers, but I have three that Iove. Just curious if you have experience with or an opinion on them.

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