A few months ago, I asked you guys on Instagram if there was a brand you would like to see featured on this blog for the second part of 2019. Some of you told me about Colieco lingerie, a brand I wanted to try myself for a long time. Thanks to your responses, I was shortly contacted by the brand who kindly offered to send me a custom bodysuit. So here we are today, with some gorgeous shots taken by Romana, the Guadeloupean photographer behind Blxck Dread Shot. I really loved working with her. I am always happy to work with women creatives whenever it’s possible!

[ I received this bodysuit as a gift from Colieco lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Romana @blxckdreadshots]
Colieco lingerie custom Kelly bodysuitColieco lingerie Kelly bodysuit was a piece I had my eyes on since I discovered this brand. To be honest, I have been hesitating on buying it because I wasn’t sure what size to pick or if it would work for my busty self. However, I needn’t worry as the bodysuit I received was perfectly custom made to my measurements.
Colieco lingerie Kelly bodysuitFirst of all, the package arrived in Canada from Portugal very fast in a small branded box. When I took it out of the box, I was surprised by its length as most of the bodysuits I own look a bit shorter. However, as soon as I put it on, I was delighted by the level of comfort and the fit of this piece.
Colieco lingerie fullbust Kelly bodysuit

Fit and construction

Colieco lingerie Kelly bodysuit comes in a traditional size range as well. If you don’t need to go custom, the piece is available from XS to XL. The jersey part is also customizable. There are 16 different prints to choose from when placing your order. I picked number 4 and I am very happy with my choice.
Colieco Kelly bodysuitI really love this red print as it’s very flattering on my skin tone and would probably work for a lot of people. It’s warm and just lovely. The thing that really attracted me when I first saw the Kelly bodysuit was the under-bust straps. I was curious to know if they would provide some support and shape to the bust.

I have to say that they don’t really sit under my breasts. I think that the breasts support I get from this piece is due to the pattern and skills of the designer. The straps are more decorative than supportive. Another thing I noticed is that the power mesh used in this piece is rather firm, but also more opaque than it looks on the website. I personally like it this way, although I don’t mind transparency. The triangle shape of the cup is flattering and surprisingly practical. My breasts don’t try to escape from it and I even took a nap in this bodysuit. The Kelly bodysuit features fully adjustable straps and the back is closed by a hook. Since it was made to my measurements, I don’t feel the need to tighten or loosen it. It just fits great.
I am really happy with this open back and the fact that it’s not a traditional bra closure. If I ever felt like wearing it as outerwear it would be nice to show off the back.
I like the coverage of the lower part of this piece. It’s not too wide nor too narrow. My only “issue” with it is that the gusset can’t be opened so if you need to go to the bathroom, you should probably be in a private place. But this is a really comfortable bodysuit. Note that all Colieco lingerie designs can be customized as swimwear!

An ethical lingerie brand

I discovered Colieco lingerie when I started being interested in slow fashion. Their products are ethically made in Portugal. The brand designer is often discussing ethical fashion on their Instagram story. I also appreciate that they share a part of the making process with their customers/followers.

“We source most of our material and all of our elastic from small, family-run businesses, and work with independent suppliers wherever we can, including in design, printing and photography.” – Colieco lingerie

This brand is working as ethically as possible, keeping in mind all the workers involved in the process of making their products but also the environment. Very often we forget that ethical fashion is a very wide subject. It’s not only about paying people a fair wage or produce locally but also the fabric used to create the garment, the cost for the planet. Colieco lingerie is minimizing water waste, fabric waste and use fabric that has a low carbon footprint.

I think this company is doing a beautiful job and I am happy to support them by spreading the word! I hope you enjoyed these shots. I am so happy with them honestly. <3

Yours truly,

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  1. The red and yellow decorative panels of the Colieco Lingerie Kelly Bodysuit look very pretty.
    It’s nice knowing about the ethical product attributes of the collection. The photos of you modelling this comfortable and pretty bodysuit are gorgeous.

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