And yet, another review that was actually planned for last December… Will I ever be aligned with my schedule? No one could say it… I just wanted to give you my insight on the first Asos bra I kept. I have been looking for a bralette that matches my skin tone for a while, and I finally found it last winter.

[ I bought this lingerie with my own money. All thoughts and opinion are my own. Some information in this article is the same you can find in my previous post. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun.]
Asos nude full-bust bralette

The fit

I bought this Asos bralette in size 30GG (30J if you buy from the French website). I am thinking that I must be in between size as I do have extra room to fill at the top of the cups.  However, it also feels like I wouldn’t be secure in a smaller size. So I do not regret picking this size. This piece is surprisingly supportive and reliable. I wore it during a day of moving from one apartment to another and I didn’t readjust my breasts more than once during the whole day.
Asos nude full-bust braletteIt features a nice underbust band and the back is rather discrete. I love that the straps are fully adjustable and stay into place as well. I didn’t know if I would be comfortable going out with this plunging neckline, especially on a bralette, but I did. I do wear this bralette a lot, so I would say it was a decent purchase in the end. It got already a lot of wear and still supports my 30GG breasts nicely. I really like it.
Asos nude full-bust bralette  I appreciate that they lined the cup with brown power mesh on the inside. I do think that the combo power mesh/microfiber helps the bralette to remain supportive wear after wear. Now you can still tell it’s a very inexpensive piece, as the finishes are not pretty, and the elastics aren’t the best quality. But hey, what can you expect from an 11 euros bralette? I am honestly surprised that it does such a great job and looks actually ok on me. This bralette mimics Nubian Skin Café au lait shade and also exists in a dark brown colorway.
Asos nude full-bust bralette

Nubian Skin thong (size M)

I started buying Nubian skin thongs when I was shooting with Ellesmere lingerie, 2 years ago. These thongs were the best I could find to wear underneath lingerie samples. At the time I also got a pair of hold ups that I loved so much. I now have a few thongs and one shorty from their initial collection. Whenever I buy from them I get the Café au Lait shade, which is a very good match with my skin tone, especially during Summer.

The initial collection runs a bit tighter than the most recent ones. Because of that, I always go for a Medium with these designs. This thong has kind of a high leg cut and sits mid-rise on my belly. I have it for a very long time now, and I think it holds very well.
Now you can expect the microfiber to get looser with time. When I buy these thongs they are always kind of tight on my hips at first and then they seem to adapt. They are pretty good basics and completely disappear under clothes.

Hope this short review was helpful!

Yours truly,
xx Wen

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  1. Thank you for bralette review! I’m going to pick up, especially about hearing that you didn’t have to readjust after falling out all day 😭

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