Soooo, I arrived in New-York today. I was so excited to visit all the lingerie places that I came a full day before Curve NY, just to do some lingerie window shopping. Ahahaha! And I am happy I did.

I discovered Bravissimo 6 or 7 years ago when I started online shopping and especially buying UK brands. I always had a great experience with their website. The customer service is great, you can tell that they know what they are doing, and even shipping and return is stressless.

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BRAVISSIMO US reviewBravissimo is an online retailer but also a high street store initially based in the UK. They are pretty big but also specialized in full-bust lingerie and clothing. This year they finally opened a store in New-York and this is such great news for New-York full-busted women.
BRAVISSIMO US reviewThe store is located on 33 W Broadway, which is a lovely neighborhood. It’s probably not the biggest Bravissimo store, as my UK friends usually say that they have tons of choices in British stores, which is not the case in this one. However, this is a great start and it is probably way enough for most women (who aren’t collecting bras).
BRAVISSIMO US reviewI would say that they carry every essential product for fullbusted women. You’ll find swimwear, sports bras, nursing bras, bralettes, fashion bras (but still with a good fit), t-shirt bras. A big part of the store is dedicated to full-bust clothing, which is certainly great, and uncommon.
New-york lingerie storeIf you already know Bravissimo website, you might have seen their house brand, but also Gossard, Freya, Curvy Kate, Panache, Fantasie… All these specialized fullbust brands which aren’t present enough in North American stores. I really wish it was worth it for Bravissimo to open a Toronto or Montreal store.
New-york lingerie storeI love the light and joyful energy of this store. It feels like having big boobs is so easy and exciting. I needed this store as a teenager! The staff is very sweet and has great behaviors. I didn’t feel pressured and my intimacy wasn’t violated. They really gave me space remaining present enough to help.
BRAVISSIMO USI asked if Canadian customers should buy from the US website from now on, but they said it would be better to keep going with the UK website. Apparently, the prices are also a bit cheaper on the UK website (which isn’t surprising honestly.)

Fitting experience

And so I got fitted… I tried a handful of bras but only published pictures of my favorite ones. Initially, I decided to try 30G and 30FF bras, because I had a feeling that my breasts had lost a bit of volume. Surprisingly, I was a 30FF in almost all the bras I tried.
I imagine that my breasts have got smaller, although most of my bras still fit. The girl that fitted me was really nice and had a very good eye. If it wasn’t for her, I would have gone for a 30G bras in some bras, forgetting that UK sizing is a bit more precise than French sizing. My breasts suddenly looked so small!

[Bravissimo Rosa bra, 30FF]
BRAVISSIMO US[Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra 30FF]
BRAVISSIMO US[Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless bra 30FF] BRAVISSIMO US[Cleo Sofia bra (wired), 30F]

It was very refraishing to try all these bras. The fit was beautiful and now I am obsessed with the Curvy Kate Luxe and I absolutely need it to replace my Fantasie Smoothing! It really is SO COMFORTABLE and flattering! So smooth!!! I loved it. I might buy it on the UK website but this bra is a must! I know understand the hype!
It was also very nice to finally try the Bravissimo house brand. Their bras fit very well and I think although they have kind of a Freya aesthetic, I do prefer Bravissimo’s fit.
Honestly, I didn’t come to NY to do shopping but I totally want to buy new lingerie now.
I am so happy about this new store! I hope people buy a lot so that they can open more stores in other parts of North America!

Sending love!

Yours truly,

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3 Replies to “Where to find lingerie in NYC : BRAVISSIMO US review”

  1. Best wishes for having a fabulously interesting rewarding and enjoyable time at Curve NY!!!!!!
    Bravissimo sounds like a wonderful lingerie store to visit and be fitted in. The bras you took selfies modelling look very pretty. I especially love the looks of the wired crocheted blue lace Cleo Sofia bra and the pretty embroidery on the Bravissimo Rosa bra.
    The store and the variety of lingerie and apparel it it look very well organised and inviting.
    I love the quote above one of the displays that says ‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful’.

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