Sada By Sarah is a NY lingerie brand I have discovered two years ago. The first thing that caught my attention was a video featuring sensual RnB music and a young black woman dancing to it in lingerie and ballet shoes. The video featured several black models, who actually didn’t fit the typical industry standards. Unusual, refreshing. I immediately needed to know more about the label.

[ This bodysuit was gifted to me by Sada by Sarah. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Sada By Sarah Delilah Suit bodysuitThe designer and I connected as I was about to go to New-York last year but we didn’t get the opportunity to meet each other until this year. Sarah Dawson is an amazing designer who created a brand that feels true to herself and what she stands for. It’s one of the only brands in the industry that only features black models.
I love that she shows black people (some of her imagery also feature men) in different forms. Natural hair, wigs, straight hair, curly hair, short hair, long hair, light skin, dark skin. When I see her pictures I understand: “just be yourself, whatever it is today”.
Sada By Sarah Delilah Suit bodysuitHer main model seems to be a very confident woman and really translates the spirit of the brand. Sada by Sarah is creating lingerie to enjoy and adore yourself. It doesn’t claim to be heavy-duty supportive lingerie, or even fit-focused, however, the intention to make yourself feel beautiful and to honor your feminity is there.
Sada By Sarah Delilah Suit bodysuitSada created for me this beautiful made to measure bodysuit. I didn’t pick this piece so it was a real surprise for me to discover it. I have to say that the fit and feel of this piece is amazing. It really seems to be made for me. I actually think this is a custom colorway because it is not available as is on the website. You can currently find a pink and blue version but of course, if you prefer this colorway, just send a quick email to the designer. In my experience, a lot of things are possible with small independent designers.
Sada By Sarah The Delilah bodysuit is made of stretchy and light floral lace, presenting beautiful cutouts and a gorgeous silhouette. This lace as a slight shine and makes me feel like a mermaid. I am usually not a fan of high cut legs (on me) but it actually looks lovely. Delilah feels light yet it shapes my body beautifully or rather highlights what I like about it without forcing it to change to adapt to it.
Sada By SarahThe high neck cut is very elegant and I believe, helps to add some support to this piece. There is also an underbust seam and vertical seams that frame the bust area in a way that gives some room for the bust.
One of my favorite detail about this piece is the shiny green elastic that is on the edges and around the waist. It’s a refreshing touch that actually helps to give a very finished aspect to this piece.  All the closures are gold metal clips which give a more luxurious feel to this bodysuit. I appreciate the very low back of this piece. I usually don’t wear such cuts but now I can imagine wearing this bodysuit under a low back dress and not being too stressed about being braless. There must definitely be a way to also wear it as outerwear. (I am always trying, you should know me by now.)
The lace is floral but not “cheesy” and honestly feels so light on the skin, it’s a very pleasant feeling. This piece isn’t shapewear but it does lay very flat on the body, following every curve gracefully as if it wasn’t really there. It’s long enough for my torso and I don’t feel the need to readjust it every five seconds.
My only regret is that it doesn’t open at the crotch, which makes for awkward moments in public bathrooms if I were to wear it out (which I will definitely do). With that being said, sometimes this also means a more comfortable bodysuit.

The Delilah suit is a great surprise and it makes me want to try more of Sarah’s creations. Note that everything is made in NY by Sarah herself.  ❤

Love, always,

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