It’s been almost two months since I have done a wired bra review. I have to say that I needed a break from reviewing bras on this platform. There is so much more to talk about in the lingerie industry if I am being honest. But today, I am talking about a set that I’ve already worn so much this summer: the Avocado Misia Twin.

[Disclaimer: This set was sent to me as a gift by Avocado lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Misia Twin review
If you have been following me since the beginning you know that my Avocado lingerie collection is now rather big. It’s a brand I love and respect a lot for always trying to create luxury lingerie in sizes that usually don’t get to wear French lace and Swiss embroidery. Every season the brand works and re-works on the fit of their patterns in order to perfect it and reach their customers need.Misia Twin review


Misia Twin is the little sister (or should I say the badass sister) of the original Misia. If you have read my thoughts about Misia, you already know it’s one of my favorite everyday bras (ever). The elegance and fit of this collection are perfect for any day. Misia never fails me. My breasts look amazing in it, I feel like this bra was made for me. So when Avocado released the Misia Twin and sent it my way, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Misia Twin reviewMisia Twin is made of beautiful lace and fine tulle. From the front, this bra looks very similar to Misia. However, while Misia features a 4th part at the top of the cup that is sewn to the apex of the bra, in Misia Twin, this part has its own independent straps.
These straps are fully adjustable and crossed at the back. I particularly love the big gold ring that joins the 4 straps together. You can see that this bra as 6 fully adjustable straps. Note that Avocado hardware usually matches the bra (black or beige), but for this collection, the brand introduces gold hardware.


” The bra is made in Avocado HCQ pattern, which means that it will provide a little more coverage than a usual half-cup bra but will give similar uplift and shape. “- (Misia review)
Misia Twin as a slightly different fit than Misia. Although I received a size 60H in both bras, I found Misia Twin to provide more coverage. While my breasts have reduced a little (I am now a 30FF/30G), I can see a difference when I try both bras. Now, I know that Misia has been “improved” since I received mine. The white colorway I got later has a more similar fit to Misia Twin.

Bruno Balmokoun x Comics Girls need brasI would take into consideration the new fit of Misia Twin right now rather than the fit I described in my first Misia review. Avocado tends to improve the fit whenever it’s possible. Their sizing is very precise so small changes can improve a bra but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to wear their previous version in the same size. Note that the top of the cup is elasticated which is great for asymmetrical breasts.

The wires are narrow, but as you can see, they sit a little lower than my infra-mammary fold. I wonder if I could wear a 60G in this bra. I do not experience wrinkling, so I consider the 60H to be a good fit. My roots are high-set so I have this experience will almost every bra. I do not feel to be honest it but I see it on pictures.

Bruno Balmokoun x Comics Girls need bras


This time I receive a matching thong in size S. I always love Avocado’s thong because they are mid-rise and don’t move uncomfortably during the day. They also usually feature lace or embroidery at the back, which is lovely. This one is no exception. The gusset is wide enough to be comfortable and the rise is quite flattering for my body shape. I particularly love the lace insert at the back.

Avocado’s aesthetic is consistently elegant and easily recognizable. The way they incorporated the strappy trend is smart as it is true to the brand DNA and classic enough to work for several other seasons. The brand recently released a new red colorway who is quite delicious as well!

All the best!
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