Sample sales are my favorite way to shop lingerie lately. It gives you the chance to put your hands on pieces that you could never afford otherwise, and even try products that haven’t been commercialized and will never be. Evgenia is one of these independent designers that I have been admiring for years without being able to justify a purchase.
Her creations are very high quality and her craft(wo)manship is impressive. When I think about Evgenia, I remember one of my favorite books “The little prince” by Saint-Exupéry, I think about honey and astronomy.

[ I purchased this dress with my own money. Evgenia didn’t request this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit : Romana @blxckdreadshots ]
Evgenia Rebelle short gownEvgenia’s lingerie and loungewear are all made ethically in California by the designer Stephanie Bodnar. Stephanie has a very defined aesthetic for Evgenia, and it’s impossible to not recognize her pieces whenever you see them. Inspired by vintage lingerie, they still have a fresh and modern energy and for me they are timeless.
Evgenia Rebelle velvet gownEvgenia insertion lace applique and its signature french lace with star embroidery are details I never get bored of. If I have the chance in the future, I will try to feature more of these pieces on the blog.

This year, Stephanie decided to create an Instagram page to sell samples from previous and often discontinued collections. I knew that I had to keep an eye on it, as her usual price point is out of my budget, and suddenly this page made her treasures much more accessible.Evgenia Rebelle short gownThe Evgenia Rebelle gown is the one item I fell in love with immediately when I discovered the brand in 2016. I knew I needed it in my life. This piece reminded me so much of childhood but also had this sensual touch that only adulthood can awaken. I loved that gown at first sight.
Evgenia Rebelle velvet dressThe silhouette, the silk velvet, the delicate embroidered lace… I had a crush. However, I have been worried that this piece wouldn’t flatter my chest, or even cover it. Maybe I would need a custom garment, which would be even less affordable… And then it got discontinued. I honestly thought this was over, I wouldn’t put my hands on this pretty velvet gown. Evgenia Rebelle velvet dress Yes, I know it sounds a bit dramatic. I am a bit dramatic. But I loved Rebelle. So when I saw it in the sample sale, I only hesitated a second. It had to be mine. I asked for the measurements, it looked like it could fit, and I bought it. ( Evgenia has been kind enough to put it on hold for me during a few days actually, and I am so grateful for her patience.)
Evgenia Rebelle gownWhen it arrived in the mail, I was absolutely delighted by the softness of the rayon/silk velvet. Every detail of this dress looked incredible. The bias cut cowl bust actually looked very good on my 30G chest. Of course, it was very revealing but in such a dainty, feminine way. I felt nothing less than elegant and light as a fairy. velvet dress

The criss-cross straps are made of silk and fully-adjustable. In this sample one of them was sewn in the wrong side, meaning I have to twist it to adjust it, but it’s a minor inconvenience. I imagine that it is one of the reasons for the lower price ( 195USD instead of 390USD).
french laceI really love that I can wear this gown without a bra (although it is fairly risky and I already see the nipslip situation becoming serious). When the straps are shorten enough I feel relatively supported by the velvet fabric. There is also a cute button at the back that closes it in a very lovely way. velvet dress

I have to say that it wasn’t easy to find a bra that works with this dress, but I did. I will try to do a Halloween inspired outfit with it next month to give you more ideas of styling for such a dress. Evgenia still sells similar styles made out of silk satin (black or white) and a red version of this velvet dress is actually available.

In this review I am wearing a sample in size Small and as you can see it fits my waist very well ( I am a 25,5-26″ waist). If you are fuller on top than me though, this dress might work even better as you won’t have to worry as much about nipples coverage.

I am really hoping to bring more Evgenia lingerie to this blog as it’s honestly as adorable as it is luxurious. I want to wear my Rebelle dress for every possible occasion because it makes me feel like I am some magical creature and that is my favorite way to feel.

Sending love always,

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