This must be the last swimwear review of 2019 on this blog but I still had to introduce the beautiful work of LA designer Belle de Nuit. We already talked about her last month with the cute Stoya & Noelia set she sent my way this Summer. Now this swimsuit is actually one of my Summer crushes!

[This swimsuit has been sent to me as a gift by Belle de Nuit. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
Belle de Nuit Sirena “maillot” (swimsuit in French) is wearing its name very well. This swimsuit makes me feel like a real mermaid. The blue snake colorway is so flattering! I am not an animal print person but I am absolutely feeling this one. I really want to wear this suit as outerwear. The fabric feels like swimwear but is also quite thin so it would easily work as a top (similar to some sportswear garments).
Now, I have to say that I wasn’t sure if this pattern would work for me. Not only high legs usually give me a weird silhouette but my breasts are also a bit projected. When I saw this swimsuit on Belle de Nuit website, I could totally imagine dangerous nip slips or even more embarrasing moments on the beach. 
It’s obvious that this kind of swimsuit isn’t made for Olympic performance but I always wish I can move without having to reajust my swimwear every five seconds. That is why I usually go for more structured pattern. However, when I tried this swimsuit for the first time I was amazed by its fit. While I was worried about breasts coverage, my breasts actually sit pretty well in that piece.
I have moved and swam, without having to worry too much. Of course, the top of my high set nipples would eventually show a little but not enough for me to actually notice if I didn’t check my bust. I was able to bend forward and move comfortably. The racerback of this bodysuit is adjustable, which is also very helpful for bust support.
As usual, my bum tends to eat anything that isn’t a thong, but considering the very scalloped shape of the back of the piece it hasn’t been a bit issue.

I have been positively surprised by the skills of the designer. When it comes to create one piece garments that fit both my bust and my body I am usually not sure about the result. Here I am fully satisfied and honestly have been wearing solely this piece everytime I went to the beach after I received it. 

Belle de Nuit is a beautiful brand with a very distinct identity and I really love their careless and feminine aesthetic!

Let me know your thoughts about this design! Would you wear such a piece? Are you into snake prints?

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