Styling outfits can seem easy and fun but to be honest, when it comes to lingerie as outerwear, it takes a bit of brainstorming. It is still fun, however.
When I started my lingerie-as-outerwear series last year, I thought it would be a 3 episodes series. Now I just realize that since I have more lingerie than actual clothes, it’s just a smarter and funner option to mix everything.

[ I received this kimono and skirt as gifts. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Comics Girls Need Bras] I don’t think I would have all these styling ideas if it wasn’t for all the lingerie I accumulated and never used as actually underwear. For example, I am always afraid to lounge around in white silk. It’s something I would rather wear as actual clothes than use around my apartment. In some aspects, this might sound counterintuitive, I’ll admit it. Nobody wants to see a random cup of coffee spilled over their luxurious loungewear by a stranger in the metro.Nevertheless, I think such a pretty piece should not sleep at home when it could actually enhance some classic outfits and balance more flamboyant ones. I decided to style the gorgeous Sada by Sarah Macayza corset Skirt with the Fleur of England Colette kimono for this exact reason.
I believe these two pieces compliment each other very well for the kimono is such a classic piece while Sada skirt is an eye-catching and colorful piece.

I introduced Sada by Sarah on this blog for the first time this summer with the gorgeous Delilah bodysuit and since then I have been dying to talk about the Macayza corset skirt. Just like the bodysuit, this skirt was custom made for me. There is something very special about a custom made garment.
Aesthetically Macayza is a lovely corset skirt featuring beautiful floral embroidery reminiscent of cherry blossom. The blue and lavender accents add the fun and cheerful spirit of Sada to the design. I love it. On the edges, a beautiful scalloped lace give a finished touch to this design.

The skirt is actually boned. The plastic boning gives it some structure but also flexibility. The opening at the front of this piece is made of hooks and eyes but you can adjust the skirt thanks to the ribbon at the back.
Fit wise, the waist could have been smaller in order to fit my body shape in a more flattering way. Sadly my hips aren’t wide enough to create an hourglass shape in this skirt. To balance the silhouette, the wide sleeves of the Colette kimono are perfect.I love that this skirt is comfortable to wear and actually versatile. This is by no mean a shapewear piece but it can be an undergarment. If you dare, it could also work as outerwear. I am sure Sarah, the designer would be happy to customize the length for it to feel as socially appropriate as you need. 😉 Now this is not a winter outfit but for a date with your friends or with your better half, I am sure there is a way to pull it off at anytime of the year!

Sada‘s Winter collection is actually up on their website and feature some very elegant and festive pieces! I am already into the Hommage collection! Check it out if you like velvet and extra amazingness ethically made in NY!

PS: My blog is 4 years today!! <3 😀

Yours truly,

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4 Replies to “Lingerie-as-outerwear : Sada by Sarah Macayza corset skirt”

  1. Happy fourth Blogiversary,
    and congratulations on your four years of beautiful and very informative blog posts!!!
    That floral embroidered black Macayza Corset Skirt from Sada by Sarah looks gorgeous! The outfit you styled with the corset skirt and the white silk Colette kimono from Fleur of England is beautiful.
    I love the look.
    I just visited the Sada by Sarah website and love the appearance of the Homage Highwaist Knicker! I can see why you are already into the Hommage Collection – it’s very pretty.

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