Layneau is one of these brands I have been admiring for years, thinking it would be incredible if I could put my hands on their treasures before turning 30. Life has its own ways to make things happen and I ended up getting a Layneau sample from one of my favorite bloggers. This sample was a silk hoodie that I still need to show off on this platform as it’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing!

[This slip was gifted to me by Layneau. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Daynis Zed]
Layneau is the name that comes to my mind when I think about luxury loungewear. It’s loungewear that is made to be cherished for years, showed off in the intimacy of the boudoir or actually anywhere that you want to enjoy it. I am honestly one to wear luxury garments as often as my body can stand it, maybe to go against my family habit to keep everything for special occasions.Layneau Isabella silk chemiseI must say that what I love the most about luxury fashion is the intention behind every detail. Wearing something that someone made with the will of creating something well-thought-out, something that would make the wearer feel special is incredible. Layneau is a true luxury brand that targets sophisticated and mature women. That being said I think it’s appealing to any women that enjoy decadent material and indulgent amounts of fabric.

For some reasons, the atmosphere around this brand reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast. I imagine huge hood bookcases filled with incredible hardcovers and a lot of delicious tea… (Literally, one of my wildest fantasies as a kid and clearly I haven’t changed much…) All of this requires a lot, lot of silk velvet in the winter and satin in the summer…
Layneau Isabella silk chemiseA few months ago, Layneau’s lovely designer, Kaaren Bedi, reached out to me and offered to send me a sample that would fit my measurements. An offer I simply couldn’t refuse. The delicacy of her work was something I always wanted to experience in person and I already had a beautiful experience with my silk sweater.
Layneau silk chemise comics girls need brasThe surprise sample arrived at the end of the summer in a pretty envelope and I was delighted by the luminous color of the silk charmeuse. This chemise is a sample of the Isabella silk chemise from the brand AW15 Isabella collection. Yellow is such a happy color and although I don’t own much of it, I always find it to be very flattering.
Layneau silk chemise comics girls need brasThe detail I enjoy the most in this piece is the incredible lace appliqué at the side of the skirt. This lace reminds me of beautiful cathedrals and is incredibly delicate. I spent a lot of time just looking at it, and I actually think I sit differently when I wear this piece, just so I know exactly where is the lace, ahah! (Please, don’t take the above picture as an example of the way I sit in real life.)
Layneau silk chemise comics girls need brasI honestly think I’ll use this piece for another photoshoot at some point, just to showcase more of its glorious detailing. The beautiful neckline of this chemise is something I would never think would look good on me, to be honest, I tend to avoid this shape. To my surprise, I feel amazing wearing it. It’s simply so light and feels like it is only there to make me pretty. This piece fits my breasts quite nicely without providing any substantial support and I love it that way.

Wearing loungewear is for me a way to enjoy the time I don’t have to do anything outside the house (which is very little time sadly) as if it was as important and special as when I am being extremely productive. It’s one way for me to feel good about myself when I could be anxious and stressed out about what I am not doing. Anyway, I really love the concept of loungewear per se.

What do you think about wearing fancy things around the house? <3

Sending love, always,

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