I know summer is over, and I keep showing you styles I should have featured a few months ago… But well, I am a sunkissed girl and I hardly dress weather appropriately even in Montreal. Please just bear with me. I am actually very excited about today’s article.

Last winter, Logan Spector, the amazing illustrator and blogger behind Wishful Inking launched her line of silk scarfs under the brand name Logandria. Her very first product was the Garden Party silk scarf and it was a very strong start, I must say.
logandria x cgnbThe Garden Party silk scarf is a work of love and a funny illustration of Logan’s playful mind. If you don’t know Logan’s universe yet, I suggest you follow her Instagram page. It’s creative, light and funny. I especially like the joyful way Logan expresses her femininity and sensuality. This first scarf fits very well in her colorful world.

“In a palette of vivid pinks, greens, and golds, the Garden Party scarf is a delightfully naughty piece of wearable art, full of titillating details designed to surprise and delight. “- Logandria

I have many things to say about this scarf but I also wanted to make this piece interesting in terms of styling ideas. On my pictures, you’ll see some ways I would wear it- independently of this awful winter weather.
Garden party silk scarfI used my Bijoux Indiscrets Maze choker as an accessory to create a backless top. It is fairly easy to reproduce. Just tied one corner of the scarf around the ring and two corners around your back! I am wearing my Melody strapless bra underneath.

The first thing I noticed when I received my scarf in its beautiful branded box was the actual quantity of the fabric. I had never had such a big scarf – except maybe the wool winter scarf I have no choice to wear to stay healthy since I moved here. This scarf is really big and measures 90cmx90cm which is close to 1-meter square. Because of that size, you can actually do much more than tie it around your neck.
logandria x cgnbThere is enough fabric to use this scarf as a turban, however, I went with something simpler here. Just wrap it around your head and tie it once. Hide the loose ends on the sides and voilà!

This scarf is bursting with erotic symbols and representations. Some are obvious, others hide within the decor of a glorious and abundant pic-nic between three beautiful women. It reminds me of those games we played as kids when we had to find hidden objects in a picture and count how many they were. This is actually very impressive. Every time I look at this scarf, I see something I hadn’t seen before.

The vivid colors in this piece also play a role in distracting the eye from what is actually going on. And I mean that in a good way. I add some fun to the whole thing. This way if you wear it out, nobody will immediately spot mounts of venus or phallic shapes. They will need to stare a little while to see that.

logandria silk scarfThis was fairly easy to achieve as well, as I simply wrapped the scarf around my body and carefully covered my breasts. If you dare to go braless, it’s actually pretty easy to pull off and on the back, you can showcase more of the illustration.

Apart from the illustration, the attention to detail in this scarf is noticeable. The print is as beautiful on one side as it is on the other. The edges aren’t raw but instead are rolled in beautiful green silk. It’s an elegant and original fashion piece. While this particular scarf is not directly related to lingerie Logan illustrations are mostly lingerie adjacent.
how to style a scarfWell, scarves are primarily made to be worn around the neck so here is a more orthodox way to do so. I just passed two corners of the scarf through my choker ring and this way it assures that the scarf will stay into place all day long if needed!

The Garden party is my favorite scarf from hers but she also made a great collaboration with lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska : the Hecate silk scarf. To be honest every one of her illustrations is gorgeous and she also partnered with The Lingerie Addict to help with her recent Kickstarter, if you are interested!

Logandria 100% mulberry silk scarves retail 250 USD but she currently offers a 50$ discount on Garden Party scarves for those who don’t mind not receiving the usual cardboard giftbox that comes with the full price scarves. 🙂

Love always,

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  1. The bold pink green and gold mural-style print on the large Garden Party scarf from Logandria is gorgeous! I love the lookbook of outfits you created using different ways to style it.
    The pleated trousers you were wearing in all of the outfits above look classy and attractive.
    I love all of the pretty fashion looks you created and modelled here.

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