Last summer, the underboob trend got popularized in swimwear, and quickly after – maybe even simultaneously- in outerwear. For a lingerie aficionado, this was nothing new as many small designers had been having fun with these unpractical silhouettes for a while, but it seems that social media made it viral…
Now don’t get me wrong, underboobs are cool. I am just bitter I can’t rock these styles ahah. Here are some of the products flooding the internet at the moment…

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underboob braAsos Amalda bra

underboob braPeek & Beau Eileen Jewelled applique bra

Reign by Coco de mer Majorelle bodysuit

Seven ’til Midnight Red Lace Underboob Cut-Out Bra Set

Wolf & Whistle Chantal cage bra

Coco de mer Rosa halter neck bra 

Asos Lian crop bralet

Asos Nakia Geo mesh bralette

asos underboob braAsos Tristina bralet 

Sadly all the full-bust products were sold out already but I imagine we might see new ones popping up soon! Playful Promises is a brand that follows the trends closely and offers a relatively wide size range so if you are looking for fashion bras, you might want to check their selection out every once in a while.

What do you think of the underboob trend? I think it’s pretty cool when it’s made in a sophisticated way but often I imagine it would quickly be a mess on my body.

Let me know your thoughts!

Love always,
Wen xx

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2 Replies to “So I guess underboobs are still trending…”

  1. To me, many of the various lingerie fashions featuring underboob do look pretty,
    but I agree with you that most don’t look entirely practical.
    I am guessing there are limitations on the degree of comfort afforded by the different designs depending on the size and shape of the breasts to be fit?
    I enjoyed looking at the photos you posted of this couture.

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