So, as I am writing these words, I am living my best life and I feel that my heart is full again. It’s been a while. Life really has the power to put us high or swallow us. When the latest happens, love can save us. And I really mean self-love. This lingerie editorial is really an ode to love and self-appreciation – something that we must cultivate every day just like we drink water and breathe oxygen.

Lingerie: Karolina Laskowska for Harlow & Fox

I know self-love is trendy right now… And while companies sometimes use this as an excuse for consumerism, it is really important that we all work on treating ourselves right. I am not talking about selfishness or entitlement. I am talking about true love. A complex concept I barely understand, to be honest. Love isn’t palpable.

Lingerie: Karolina Laskowska for Harlow & Fox

Love is coming home and feeling truly welcome, even if you are living alone. Love is the sun sharing its energy through our skin. The warmth of its light gently forcing us outside our doors to enjoy the beauty of the environment… Love is an infinite source of knowledge and energy. Love will meet you where you are. Proud and humble. Love is a choice.

Lingerie: Karolina Laskowska for Harlow & Fox, Sofía Luzon

When everything seems to go wrong and we harshly blame our “poor” decisions, depreciate ourselves, this is not Love. Being our own best friend would mean to take some distance from the situation and see it with as much compassion we would have for a person we think dearly about -this isn’t to be confused with self-pity though.

Lingerie: Sofía Luzón

Why don’t we think dearly about ourselves? Why don’t we think we are funny if we can laugh at our own jokes? I never saw myself as a funny person. In my imagination, I am that calm introvert person that has nothing interesting to say to people who don’t know her. But I got to realize this isn’t true. I constantly talk to people who don’t know me. Surprisingly they hear me. I am sure you must make the same type of assumption about yourself. Honestly, this isn’t useful to anyone. Be open to yourself and what you are capable of.

Lingerie: Sofía Luzón

How, though? As I am currently working on it, I don’t really have a full answer to that question. I am positively unlearning right now. However, one thing I know is that being true to yourself goes a long way. While it’s good to be flexible and adapt to others and different situations, it’s also important to be at peace with what you are doing. Just put a bit of yourself in whatever you are doing if you want it to grow and flourish. I learned that nothing grows from detaching ourselves from it. There is power in being vulnerable.

Lingerie: Sada by Sarah Dawson

You know although February has been all about Love – especially romantic love – all over the world, for me it has been the month of opening my eyes and raising my standards. I have been on a quest to finding myself outside of loving and caring for someone else. Magical things happen when you have time to focus on yourself. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable because you also don’t have a legitimate distraction from what you are supposed to do for YOURSELF. You don’t have anybody to save or heal. Apart from you.

Lingerie : Miss Lala Presents

And I have this strong will to heal and get stronger. I want to celebrate myself every day. By working towards my goals, by supporting who I want to support, by making a home for myself wherever I need to live. By working on feeling like I belong wherever I need to be. Self-care is more than a facial and a manicure, or wrapping myself in silk satin, but those things help as well. Lingerie has been a part of my self-love journey for years now. The simple fact that I would wear an open cup bra for this editorial is proof that I evolved tremendously from the years when I thought my breasts were weird and not worthy of love. I think this blog itself is a proof of my self-love journey.

Lingerie: Maguy de Chadirac, Edge O’ Beyond

I could never imagine putting myself out there that much even one month before creating it. It brought so many opportunities into my life, so many great friendships, so much love really. It’s one of my greatest projects so far. It’s mine. And I hope in some ways this love I built for myself got to be shared with you all, cause I could never have done all those things without you. So thank you! And please, love you. 🙂


Photography : Bruno Balmokoun
AD, Make up and hair : Comics Girls Need bras

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10 Replies to “Shapes of love, my first lingerie editorial”

  1. The lingeries are beautiful, the pictures are amazing. But I want to talk about this fantastic ode to self-love, in such an elegant and delicate manner.
    Well done girl, beautiful, empowering and truthful. You really made me smile, reflect and take some time to think about self-love out of the captalist way.
    Cheers to that!

  2. my breath has been taken away! as someone who has been on a journey finding self-love – one separate from the current consumerist idea of what “self-love” is, more about true compassion and forgiveness and treating yourself well… this editorial is really hitting me right now, in a good way. plus the lush, warm colors, the combination of relaxed robes for lounging and sets that are more outside your normal comfort zone… so lovely!! your love and happiness really shines through in this editorial!

  3. Your ode to love and self-appreciation is beautiful and deep.
    Your lingerie modelling lookbook is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I love that you included links to the lingerie retailers who carry these heavenly looking fashions.
    Your lipstick and eyeliner look extremely pretty.
    Breathtaking! xx <3

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