Instagram is definitely my favorite way to discover independent designers. Maybe I said it before but, the more you know, the more you see. I discovered Sofía Luzón about two years ago. The first thing that intrigued me was the daintiness and beauty of her intricate laces. It all looked so precious to me. I wouldn’t describe Sofía Luzón as a “glamorous” brand in the sense that it’s not the whole point of it from my perspective. Sofía creates timeless pieces that show a certain sensitivity and incredible attention to detail.

[Disclaimer: these pieces were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
When I look at each of her collections, I imagine that these garments tell a story. Something romantic and a bit mystic. I was hoping to one day try her beautiful pieces but thought my bust size would be an issue. I have to say that I was very attracted to her loungewear and bralettes. Talking about bras, I wonder if you guys still want to read bras reviews right now. Is it still interesting during this Covid-19 situation? I’ll probably keep writing them although loungewear just feels so comforting during this period… Going back to Sofía Luzón lingerie, my favorite collection so far has been Mageia.

Inspired by ancient magic, this collection evokes the concept of old talismans: every garment is designed to embrace and protect the wearer under its soft and intricate fabrics.- Sofía Luzón

ethical lingerieFit and appearance

First: it is made from rich burgundy silk which is really my favorite color. I had a huge crush on this collection since the first pictures came out. And as I am introducing you to the Mageia wrap top and classic knickers, I am dreaming of buying the robe and silk nightgown (to obviously wear as a dress). Mageia feels light yet not weightless. The quality of the fabric and the perfect finishes amaze me. French seams and unique lace appliqué show a great level of craftsmanship. sofia luzon red silk wrap topNote that the designer uses French Leavers lace of exceptional quality for this collection. The Mageia silk is a bit stretchy though almost pure (95% silk, 5% elastane), I really love this type of silk, I am under the impression that it wrinkles a bit less than pure silk and it adapts smoothly to your body shape. (By the way, shout out to one of the best inventions ever: the steamer! If you wear silk, I don’t know how you can do without this thing.) Sofía Luzón mageiaNow I seem to have a little collar on the back of my neck on my photos… This wasn’t done on purpose. It’s simply a hidden part of the top that came out during the shoot and that I only noticed after the photos came out. This top shaped around my body and I noticed that having a full bust would make it look different from the stock photos. However, the wrap pattern is very versatile and I had room for my bust. I even wore it with the wrap at the back and I loved it for it actually feels like a different and elegant top.Sofía Luzón lingerieIn this set, I am wearing a size 3 in the brief and the top was made with my measurements in mind (I am somewhere in between 4-5) and I do think that wearing it in different ways would be harder if I had bigger breasts, simply because breasts tend to change clothes shape. I wouldn’t do it too often and I personally love the more casual way I wear it in these photos. It feels like I am wearing a mini robe that I can easily wear with many outfits! The large wrapping ties have hidden seams and add a very feminine touch to this piece. They remind me of the dresses I would wear as a kid but also of the kimono ties I wear at home all the time.

The classic knickers are absolutely adorable and well made. I love the keyhole detail at the back but also the way the shape of lace appliqué. There is something unique about this lace. Whenever I wear this set, I feel warm and comforted. I know I have this relationship with my lingerie but some garments feel like love. The best things look good from the outside and from the inside, and Sofía Luzón lingerie definitely does!

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7 Replies to “Sofía Luzón Mageia wrap top review (Size 3)”

  1. For your question, yes, I still want to read your reviews! They are a welcome break from the constant news chatter. May I ask what sizes you’re wearing in this review?

    P.S. NK iMode is donating 50% of the profits from some of their pieces to charities helping people without enough food during the pandemic. I hadn’t heard of their company until I read your review.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thank you for sharing our fundraiser project!
      We are glad to hear that you learnt about our brand from Wen’s blog. Same as you, we enjoy reading Wen’s blog and she always looks stunning in our silks. ☺

      Thanks again for sharing, we wish you and your family safe and happy these days!

    2. Hi Kim,

      Thank you for sharing our fundraiser project!
      We are glad to hear that you learnt about our brand from Wen’s blog. Same as you, we enjoy reading Wen’s blog and she always looks stunning in our silks. ☺
      Thanks again for sharing, we wish you and your family safe and happy these days!

      With love,
      NK IMODE

    3. Hello Kim, thank you so much for your kind words!🌺✨ I am happy to read your comment. I am wearing a size M in this set. I would say that the top has more room than the size chart says it has but because my breasts are bigger they pull the top to the front as you can see from the shoulder seams. Or at least thats my interpretation of the fit.

      Thanks for telling me about NK iMode also! I had no idea! 😊🖤 That’s such a great initiative!

  2. I love the burgundy colour, the sheen, lace appliqué, and wrap-around closure of the Sofia Luzon Mageia wrap top. The matching classic knickers also look very pretty.
    I am not on Instagram, (and Instagram’s photos don’t show up well on my Twitter feed), but I really LOVE reading your reviews and seeing the fabulous photos of you showcasing the couture here on your blog!!!

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