Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well despite all the obscurity going on in the world right now. This situation is affecting thousands of people, emotionally or psychologically and even if I don’t live in the USA, well, as a black woman, I am definitely concerned. This is not the right post to express myself on that matter, but there will be one.

Today we’re here to review 3 wireless bras from the nursing bras specialist Royce lingerie. I don’t know if it’s just my environment but it feels like everyone is giving birth lately. I am clearly not ready for that, but I am happy to provide useful information about the lingerie part of pregnancy.

[Disclosure: I received these pieces for review and photography purposes. I have been compensated for my work. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photography credit: Bruno Balmokoun]

[ Royce lingerie Maisie in Coral. 32F and Medium]

I am a firm believer that you can always find a way to express yourself no matter the situation you are going through. Even if it’s a minimized way. As silly as it seems, the fact that people want pretty masks during the pandemic shows that we humans feel good when we get to wear things that speak to us. If there is a way to be protected while feeling pretty, I am all for it. So when I will get pregnant I definitely want to feel as comfy as beautiful.
Royce lingerie offers a nice selection of comfortable maternity lingerie. Some of them also exist in a “comfort” version which means that they don’t feature nursing clips. It’s the case for Blossom and Maisie, two of the bras I will introduce (or re-introduce) in this post.
I received the maternity version of all the styles in a sister size of my current 30FF. Although Royce does not sell these bras in size 30, I need to say that their bras have rather tight bands, so I have always been comfortable wearing their 32 bands.
It’s crazy to see the evolution of my breast size since I tried Maisie just one year ago in size 32G, which was a bit big but definitely still a decent fit. Now the 32F is perfect for me.
Maisie is extremely comfortable and has the advantage of providing a nice shape under your clothes. I love the use of modal in this bra. The cups are padded and as you can see, this design is slightly plunging, however, it still provides a lot of coverage and this is by no mean a push-up bra.
I received the brief in size Medium, which is too big for me. Of course, it sits on my hips and bum, but I am more comfortable in the Small I received with the blue version of this set. The Medium wrinkles at the front and feels a bit loose at the back.

[ Royce lingerie Florence cream & aubergine. 32F and Medium]

Florence is an unpadded, non-wired, maternity bra. The 32F feels a bit bigger in this style than the Maisie. Now, I know it looks really big in the photos, I imagine a 32E would probably work but the 32F is not exactly too big when I look at it in person. It gives me a very natural shape. I would say that this bra would work better for full on top or even breasts.
With my full on bottom breasts, it seems that even if I have the right volume, the top of the cup is not filled properly due to the pattern itself. Nonetheless, I don’t think it looks as big in reality as it looks in these photos. It’s not a bra I would have necessarily returned for a smaller size. My breasts roots are rather high on my chest and this bra seems made for someone whose breasts would have lower roots. Not everything is meant for everyone.
The brief is size Medium is also too big for me. Just like the bra, the sizing is more generous for this brief than Maisie. This might be due to the microfiber fabric. This brief is definitely too big, although it seems ok in photos (I apparently have a very flexible body volume), I was not comfortable wearing this brief because I didn’t feel that it sat securely on my hips. The fact that it’s low rise accentuates this sensation. I would suggest going for the smaller size if you are in-between size. For info, I am a UK 8-10 at the moment.

[ Royce lingerie Blossom bra in black and white 32E/F/FF]

Blossom is my favorite style out of the three. It’s simple, easy to wear and match with other lingerie pieces, comfortable and very adjustable. In these photos, I am wearing it with a brief from a different brand and I loved wearing them together. This is just the comfiest confinement combo! I have reviewed this bra years ago in another colorway, and I would say that I love it even more now! This is such an adorable bralette.
You can actually adjust the coverage and shape of the cup with a little string at the center of the bra. In my photos, I wanted a cute but slight V shape but it could have been a more sporty flat edge as well. This bra is super soft and breathable and gives a nice rounded shape under my clothes. I know it’s the bra I am more likely to use on a regular basis, to chill around my apartment or hang around outside during my days off. The comfort version of the blossom bra is also appropriate as a post-surgery bra, and the brand also sells more minimalistic styles for this purpose.
I love the fact that Royce is trying to provide aesthetically attractive bras for pregnant women, as well as women who overcame surgery and teenage girls. As women, we go through so many stages of physical changes, some more fortunate than others. It’s important to be equipped with garments that can support us and make us feel comfortable.

Regardless of my love for fancy lace and embroidery, sometimes I am happy to let my bust sit in smooth cotton or modal fabric and just forget about underwires. I hope this review has been informative! <3 Don’t hesitate to ask questions! 🙂

With love always,

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4 Replies to “Royce maternity haul: Maisie, Blossom and Florence review”

  1. It is not at all surprising that you wanted to express your off-topic concern about what is going on here in the United States at the top of this post.
    With an incredibly evil, corrupt, murderous, conscienceless, bigoted racist squatting in the White House, threatening to become even more genocidal than Adolf Hitler, who openly embraces white supremacists and advocates using the military to slaughter black people and dissenters, it is no wonder people all over the world are concerned – and very rightly so. Trump and his sycophants need to be stopped as soon as possible, and we need to somehow dismantle the police-state that from its inception has been used to subjugate minorities for use as slaves and maintaining that subjugation.
    On a lighter note I have been starting to see beautified protective masks a little more often.
    On to the much, much more pleasant post topic of Royce Lingerie!
    Your reviews are very informative!
    It’s great that you also referenced the relative sizings of these knickers from Royce Lingerie.
    The coral pink colour of Maisie bra and panty set from Royce lingerie is very pretty.
    The aubergine lace trimmed floral embroidered ivory lingerie set from Royce lingerie also looks very pretty.
    I very much love the looks of the pair of the high waisted full cut black nylon briefs you styled with the black Blossom bra from Royce Lingerie. That bra looks fabulous being worn with that pair of nylon full briefs.

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