If you watched my youtube video about my favorite Black-owned lingerie businesses, you might have heard my thoughts about Anya Lust. This US luxury retailer offers a terribly indulgent selection of lingerie, loungewear, and well-being items.
Anya lust isn’t the store you go to find you next everyday bra, no. You might not find many practical things actually, but it’s an experience. It’s about yourself.

If I had the budget, here are the things I would indulge in, and then use to do nothing else than lounge around and read in my huge mention. Sometimes I would drink ice wine or organic pink grapefruit juice.

[Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Xena Bodysuit

Mageia Silk Robe

Esmee Sheer babydoll

Diana Marabou babydoll
Celine red lace bodysuit
Aiko body harness

Ondina high neck bra

Gaia harness ouvert panty

Cofession candle n5

Pearls of pleasure bronze figure

Can you believe in all this beauty? Ahaha, I love that fashion is not “necessary”. You can love it exclusively for what it is and whatever it is really. But these items inspire me. They are soft and powerful. Each of them would make sense for all of my moods. What does inspire you? Is there a particular item of lingerie that always makes you feel good?
I could scroll through Anya Lust website all day but I also love that the items are so carefully curated. There are only a few things I wouldn’t have in my wardrobe. Ahah!

Love always,
xx Wen

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2 Replies to “Anya Lust Dream list: 10 items that would make my life fancier”

  1. All of these items look delightful, and are delightful to look at!
    My favourite two picks out of the 10 luxurious items shown above
    are the Celine red lace bodysuit and the Mageia Silk Robe. 🙂

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