Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I thought I would share with you one of my favorite photo series of the Summer. When I still had pink hair… I decided to mix together some very cool designers and a gorgeous location to create some kind of magic-cosplay-fashion type of vibe. Hopefully, you get what I mean.

One of the things I like the most about being a blogger is to be able to meet and work with so many different people. I have seen all kinds of products, of all quality really. It makes me appreciate the work of high-skilled people even more.
Also, another good thing is that, after some years, I have enough samples to create really cool lingerie-inspired outfits with different brands that have nothing to do with each other but work surprisingly well together. Here I used lingerie from Adina Reay, Maude Nibelungen, and Maguy de Chadirac.
I like to mix textures and styles, and I am so happy that these reds matched well! The top I am wearing is from Canadian designer Maude Nibelungen (now based in NY) and it’s part of a set I have previously featured on my blog.

The pants are from a French Caribbean designer based in London, Maguy de Chadirac, and is part of a fancy pajama set I got during one of their sales for a very good price. I am a sucker for sample sales… That’s honestly the best way to get luxury garments for someone with a relatively small budget. I might review the full set on Patreon if that interests you!
lingerie as outerwear

The Fran Strapless bra

The Fran bra followed me on so many summer adventures! I have probably worn it more than any other bra in my wardrobe in July and August. It’s an amazing piece of clothing and I loved how reliable and easy to wear it’s been.

It is very sheer so I was hoping to not flash strangers but it seems that I was doing it anyway. I still think it’s the best bra I could have worn under this Maude Nibelungen top as it’s so small and light (the top). I am wearing a 30G, which is a comfortable fit.

The cup could contain a breast fuller than mine but it sits so well that it doesn’t show.

It seems that I am in between sizes as I also own a 28G and it fits me nicely too. My bust is a bit too shallow for the 30G to fit perfectly, but the 28G is a bit tight. Tricky.
Note that I am a 30FF/G at the moment. I think this bra is true to size.

The bra came with adjustable straps and you can wear it as an halter neck as well. Now to be honest, I don’t see myself wearing it that way. If I want to wear an halter neck top, I will just wear it without straps.

lingerie-inspired outfit

Maguy de Chadirac Silk pants

I am wearing a size UK 10 in these Maguy de Chadirac pants but beware that I had to make them altered by a seamstress as they came up HUGE. And when I say huge, I mean that they wouldn’t stay up my hips. They were so baggy when I received them initially. As if they were made for a 36 inches hips (my hips is 26 inches).

I don’t think ordering a size 8 or 6 would be a good idea because then, the leg part would be too fitted for my taste. So I think if I ever order again from them, I will either ask for alteration right away or know that someone in Montreal will have to do it.
lingerie-inspiredOtherwise, the silk is beautiful and the color is so bright! You can never go unseen when wearing such a ruby red. I think it’s good quality silk charmeuse and the attention to detail is great! I love that the garment is sewn using only French seams and that they used silk covered buttons to close the pants on the side. That’s some very luxurious details.
I honestly don’t know where someone (else than me) would be wearing this lingerie-inspired outfit, but I personally liked wearing it as if it was perfectly normal and functional. I will miss the freedom of Summer and all the weird-cute outfits I have been wearing.

Anyway, today has been such a lovely day and I am so grateful for that. Thanks for your support and all the good things you’ve helped me achieve!

Hope you had a blessed as well!

Love always,

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5 Replies to “Lingerie-inspired outfit : Adina Reay Fran, Maude Nibelungen and Maguy de Chadirac”

  1. One day belatedly, happy birthday!!!!!!
    I love these photographs of you from the summer.
    I love the way your hair looked and love the outfit you were wearing.
    Those ruby red silk Maguy de Chadirac pants look very pretty, and I love the look of the red net Maude Nibelungen top styled over the black Fran strapless bra.
    It’s a beautifully styled outfit – I love the look.
    Your eyes and lips looked gorgeous.
    You are an extremely beautiful woman.
    I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

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