A bit late but also just in time! My list of the best lingerie deals for the cheapest week of the year is there! While I think Black Friday is a cursed tradition, it would be hypocritical of me to not support it at all. It’s the sale that allows me to afford things I couldn’t afford otherwise, like my sensitive skin friendly skincare products, my winter clothes when I need new ones or my silk loungewear. I usually prepare myself for this sale though, so I don’t just buy everything that’s cheaper, but really things I wanted for a while when it’s possible. Anyway, this year I regret not being able to afford some exciting new lingerie because there are crazy sales!! I will add more as I find them, until Friday but these are the ones I was personally attracted to!

Avocado lingerie

Avocado’s sales usually are around 10-20% off but for this week, some of their most beautiful styles are up to 30% off the original price! Newsletter subscribers might get an extra gift on Friday!

Jane’s Vanity

Jane’s Vanity is one of the dreamiest luxury retailers on the internet. They stock excellent brands such as Merle Noir and Gilda & Pearl. For some of us, the Black Friday sale will be the only way we can put our hands on some of this merchandise! Stay tuned as the public sale goes live on the 27th! If you are a newsletter subscribers you will be able to shop with less stress though. 😉

Playful Promises 

Playful Promises does a lot of selective sales throughout the year but the Black Friday might be the perfect occasion to get their most excellent designs for way cheaper, even after customs hit. I know I will check the loungewear section!

Catherine D’Lish

Ok, if you have the money, this sale is a must! I really really hope one day I can justify buying their extremely opulent products 😭. Use the code BLACKFRIDAYMADNESS for 50% off!  I am heartbroken to not be in a position to buy this red number!

Trashy Diva

Trashy Diva is another excellent retailer of vintage inspired lingerie. Get 30% off websites wide until the 30th of November!

Raine & Bea lingerie

I have never bought from Raine & Bea but they do stock some gorgeous luxury brands. If you wanted to try Studio Pia, you can get some of their pieces for 25% off until tonight at midnight!


Marjolaine has reopened their archives page until the 30th of November! Honestly, this brand is consistently excellent and I wish I could buy everything they do. I reviewed a slip from them on my Patreon (see the first articles) as I wore it all summer. I will definitely need more, once I can afford it!


Dessus-dessous is my favorite french website to buy from, even living in Canada. They have great prices and the shipping is easy. Also, they won’t charge you TVA if you aren’t an EU customer, which is really great because so many other EU stores still include TVA in their prices while non-EU customers have to pay custom on top of the EU taxes they aren’t supposed to pay. So, do check them out if you are looking for French lingerie!

Sweet Hitchhikernyc

Not really a black friday sale but I recently discovered this NYC store which has a lovely selection and great prices and shipping cost even when buying from Canada. So I had to include it here!

Michi NY

I just discovered this brand but I have never tried their products. I am currently a bit obsessed with sportswear so, it’s nice to know an ethical brand in that category! The majority of their garments is produced in a female-owned factory outside Toronto and some styles are manufactured in Sedex certified factories in China.

IDentity lingerie
Another huge sale from a small European business! Here is the place for cheap silk-blend loungewear that is ethically manufactured! I am loving the beautiful robes!!

Have you indulged into the Black Friday craziness this year? Will you?

Yours truly,
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2 Replies to “My favorite Black Friday deals”

  1. I thought Marjolaine’s Slip Soie fantaisie was beautiful, but my chest is out of their size range. I also took a look to see if Studio Pia’s Naga robe has been reissued, but it seems not. So no, I won’t be buying any lingerie.

    1. Sadly I think Studio Pia doesn’t restock. I am forever grieving the collections I couldn’t afford. As for Marjolaine, I found that the size chart isn’t super accurate for the bust area. I wear a 38 but if I was to follow the measurements of the chart my bust would be in a 42.

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