Hey lingerie lovers! This might be old news but I wanted to inform you that I am now creating video content on Youtube! I had made an attempt in 2019 but I think I wasn’t in the right mind space to commit to it. Well, thanks to my Patreon supporters, I was able to afford some equipment and start producing better quality videos. My youtube channel is Wen CGNB.

Step by step

So far, I have posted only a few videos, and the quality has been improving videos after videos, so bear with me if the old ones are terrible, ahah! I am slowly but surely starting to understand this new platform. I think more people need to know about our little world and Youtube could be a good tool for that.

It’s not so easy to bring this kind of content on a video format, simply because it seems that our society sees it as inappropriate in its nature. I am really making an effort to make all the videos “safe for work” although just the word lingerie might not be.

Please let me know if you have any video ideas or any subject you would like to see discussed. I am planning to touch many parts of the lingerie industry, from a customer perspective but also from a blogger, and industry insider point of view. I want things to be as interactive as possible, so don’t hesitate to give me your feedback in the comments or even here on my lingerie blog.

There won’t be try-on reviews on there, because Youtube doesn’t like semi-nudity. For that, you can join my Patreon. My last video was a storytime, and I would like to know if some of you guys relate to it. Let me know your thoughts!

Love always and stay safe!


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  1. I’ve actually had more good than bad experiences in stores, but the few bad ones were horrible. I prefer buying in store and have been frustrated when I had to buy exclusively online, because stores wouldn’t stock my size. I was also first fitted as a teen in the Carribean. The lady was actually very helpful and knowledgeable and taught me how to swoop and scoop. However, the offer was very limited at the time and although I loved how the bra fitted me, I hated that it was so grown up. I wore Chantelle and Empreinte all through my teens, buying always from the same two shops. I wanted something cute and innocent, not mumsy or sexy, but the fitters were nice and helpful and there wasn’t much they could do to source bras that didn’t exist at the time. One shop would even do free band alterations for me when I outgrow the largest cup size. My worst experience was in a London shop. When they didn’t have anything that would remotely fit me, the fitter told me I should have a breast reduction. I came back home devastated. Best experiences: these two shops I mentionned, but they no longer exist, in London: Bravissimo and Rigby and Peller, in Paris: Viksen (sadly no longer exists), Simone Pérèle, Aubade and Princess Tam Tam. I now prefer going to the name brand shop, because they tend to carry all sizes, whereas the department stores corner leave out the larger cup sizes. I could write a novel on that. Well, I guess I did… Off to check your channel!

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