If I am being honest with you, in 2020, I wasn’t really into bra reviews. That is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to illustrate the world in my head through fashion editorials and explore new expression media. That was where my head was at. And it probably showed. I have been less active on here than any other year. Instead, I focused on my social media and my Patreon because it felt right at that time.

[ Disclaimer: I received this set from Avocouture (formerly Avocado lingerie) as a PR gift. No review was required.]However, I am fully aware that my lingerie blog has been a source of information about bra fit for many years now and I don’t want to stop completely providing this to you guys. So here we are today with a review of one of Avocouture’s new collections: Queen Misia.

You might be surprised to read Avocouture instead of Avocado. Well, the brand recently decided to have a little rebranding and got a new website. I actually think it was a good time to do so, as I have read from many of you that you found the old site hard to use.

Queen of the Misia range

If you have read my blog in the past couple of years, you know that Misia has been my favorite Avocado style for a while. It is simply the one that fits me the best as someone who has full on bottom slightly shallow and asymmetrical breasts. I also own the Misia Twin range which is a great one too if you are into extra straps. It’s a slightly different fit but honestly, I didn’t need to pick a different size. The Misia range has always been a winner for me.Queen misia avocadoSo when the brand released Queen Misia, I was definitely interested in trying it out. I realize that the strappy/bondage-inspired trend is there to stay. Although I am now more stimulated by unusual embroideries, fun patterns, or luxury fabric, I still feel that extra strap details give a badass, sometimes luxe, vibe to a garment.

Aesthetic and fit

Queen Misia HCN is definitely the luxurious star of the Misia collection. For this range, the brand used beautiful gold hardware, ingenious adjustable details, and even created a suspender belt. I was really excited about this last thing.

Traditionally luxury lingerie brands offer suspender belts as part of some of their sets. It is funny to me that most people nowadays consider suspenders as a sexy accessory meant for “date” nights. Personally, it’s either a practical piece of underwear or I don’t wear them at all. That’s also why I dislike briefs with removable suspenders. I think they simply are a pain to wear.

Queen misia

The Queen Misia suspender (XS) is a bit deeper than the regular suspenders you’ll find in modern lingerie sets, and I really appreciate that. It features boning on the sides which gives it structure and also has 2 openings at the back: a “hooks and eyes” closure and one adjustable metal hook. It’s so beautiful and flattering!

The only thing I had to say about this piece is that the caoutchouc part of the suspender clips is a bit hard to attach to stockings. This part needs some improvements but otherwise, it’s a piece I would wear even if it has 4 straps. I usually only trust 6-strap suspenders for daily wear except for the ones from a couple of brands.
Queen misiaAs for the bra, I went for my usual Avocouture/Avocado size 60H. I am in between a UK 30FF and 30G and I found it to fit me like a dream. I was worried it would wrinkle at the top because I thought it would fit more like a HCT pattern. But actually, it’s rather perfect. I am contemplating trying a 65G next time I will do a review because I think a looser fit would be ok with me after I got so used to wearing bralettes during quarantine.
Queen misiaWith that being said I love the level of adjustability of Queen Misia, and the design is honestly so gorgeous and well-thought-out. Avocado, and now Avocouture is one of those reliable lingerie brands that always make sure to deliver consistent sizing and elegant classic designs even with a touch of modernity. I have really been loving their recent release and I will make sure to review some of these new pieces very soon!

Happy New Year my dears! <3

Yours truly,

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  1. The Avocouture Queen Misia lingerie couture range looks exquisite being showcased by you in the gorgeous photographs above!
    The embroidery and colour look very pretty, and I like the appearance of the adjustable back cross-strap on the bra.
    I did visit their website to take a peek at the Queen Misia Full Briefs, and also liked the appearance of the Avocouture Dune black Retro briefs.
    I wonder whether they will be carrying their lovely lingerie in more colours in the future?

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