In case you haven’t noticed, corsets have been trending through the past two years and even during the whole 2020 situation. I am not sure how this trend has been compatible with confinement life, but it’s been for sure a thing on social media. Corset dresses, tops, jumpsuits, vests, you name it!

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House of CB Livia peplum corset

Well, actually it’s not just a corset type of thing. Lingerie has really been trending on social media ever since Savage X caught everybody’s attention. However, more recently, I have been seeing corsetted silhouettes all over social media. New makers are popping out everywhere selling Nike or Addidas “vintage” corsets, stays or other boned garments.

Etsy Transformed by Stacy corset top pattern

Some brands have been ahead of the game obviously, such as House of CB, Alexander McQueen or even Rihana’s luxury brand (which is now on pause). I personally wasn’t into that trend when I saw all these social media fast fashion brands selling corsets that would only fit small chested bodies. As a lingerie blogger, I see corsets as garments made by highly skilled seamstresses.

Danielle Guizio crop top

It’s definitely not simple to make a very well-fitting boned garment that will also be comfortable and durable. I don’t believe in plastic boning for corsets as you can imagine. However, when it comes to outerwear clothing, having metal inside is definitely complicated since we have to wash it regularly. I was really curious about how these brands managed to get a good fit-out of their pieces.

Miss Vivienne Alexa corset

It’s also very expensive to buy this kind of garments from ethical brands hence why I never got to try them. Lately, however, I have finally been more into it. As a full-busted woman, I found that the best way to go about that trend is to pick cupless pieces or pieces with fluid or roomy bust area.

Cottage Corewear

It’s quite a cute trend. Though one thing I don’t like with social media trends is that they are usually not super inclusive. Most garments fit very poorly anybody that isn’t thin and small busted. If I was to wear corsets as outerwear, I know I would look like I am wearing lingerie and not outwear. I love lingerie as outerwear when it is very well incorporated but it’s hard to not look overly naked when you are already fullbusted.

Queen of Suburbia sample

Another option (if you don’t want to go for cupless garments) is to go for specialized clothing brands who do mainstream trends, such as Taideux. However, the price range is nowhere near regular RTW brands and quantities are limited so you have to be reactive.

Taideux Regina corset top

When you look outside of the fullbust lingerie industry, it’s clear that bust fit isn’t the main concern of most brands. It’s understandable I guess -the price couldn’t be so low with a custom fit-, but also a bit frustrating. I am personally choosing to stick to what works for me as I don’t like to buy and not use.

To illustrate this trend, here are some pieces I came across on the internet:

Kilo Brava embroidered bustier

Reformation Minton linen top

L’école des femmes Bardot dress
SydxSarah Sass dress
Blue Reign Syn waist cincher 
Zara Knit bustier
Priscavera Corset top

Savage X waist cincher
Savage X corset dress
Alexander Wang Shirt dress

Fenty jersey corset dress

Top shop faux leather puff sleeves cropped top
Nina Tang polka dot dress 

Bad society club hoddied corset top
RTA FITZ Sweater

What are your feelings and thoughts when it comes to this trend? Are you doing “lingerie-inspired” outfits or are you sticking to lingerie as underwear so far?

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  1. ALL of these fashions look extremely stylish and attractive.
    I am loving them all, and having a hard time picking a favourite from amongst all the lovely looks shown above.
    I haven’t worn any lingerie inspired outfits out in public recently myself,
    but I do long to – and I absolutely love the trend!

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