Since the beginning of this pandemic, some interesting things have happened. Some animals have migrated back to waters that used to be too polluted for their survival, air quality has been much better and fashion brands have been interested in making more eco-conscious choices. Not that many brands weren’t trying before, but during the past year, I have noticed a higher interest in this discussion.

Lovehoney Mindful initiative

The thing with ecology is that we can all do our part. Even small things count. So when Lovehoney reached out to me to introduce their Mindful collection, I was happily surprised and definitely willing to spread the word.

[Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Lovehoney, all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

If you are familiar with Lovehoney, you know that the brand has been consistently improving its products throughout the years. They are very positive in their approach to all things and I think they are showing a good example as far as inclusivity and acceptance goes. So it’s really cool that they are now making biodegradable sextoys and eco-conscious lingerie.

The Mindful fishnet collection is interesting because it’s made in Italy out of a new fiber called ECONYL®, which is produced from waste plastics gathered from the oceans and other sources. It’s basically regenerated nylon and I love knowing that we are now able to make nice things out of these materials. The garments are manufactured in an Oeko-tex certified factory meaning no harmful chemicals have been used in their making.

Overall this is a win! If we are going to create more clothes, let’s make them as clean as possible! I have tested for you some items from this new range. Every piece came in a cute biodegradable box.

The Mindful Econyl® fishnet stockings

The first product I have tried is this pair of Econyl stockings. I was initially worried that they would have a silicon gel at the top (I get allergic reactions for that), but they actually are real stockings.

Lovehoney offers 3 ranges of “One size” sizing. Basically, core, queen, and curve, so they go up to a US 26. I am wearing the core “One size fits all” in every item in this post (US4-12). Nonetheless, the sizing is very good. I am usually annoyed that One size stockings are too short (I am 5’8) but these are super stretchy and you can make them long or a bit shorter.

They also have reinforcement at the feet which makes them comfortable to wear with shoes. I have never worn fishnet legwear before, but I might just try this summer now that I see that they actually look so cool.

Mindful ECONYL® Fishnet Long Sleeve Top and panties

You know I love garments that can serve many purposes and this fishnet crop top could definitely be nice for cool summer layering. One thing I like about it is that it can be worn with a lower front or with more coverage.

Because it is seamless and so stretchy, it won’t look like you are wearing it backward. For smaller chested people, wearing the lower coverage side at the front could be quite flattering. For my bust, I think it’s nice to go for more coverage and play with the shoulders’ position.
The fishnet panties come with detachable garters straps which I know I won’t use but that could add to a fun bedroom look if that’s your cup of tea! They don’t have a gusset but aren’t crotchless either. I think it’s definitely an item that is meant to be worn for a short period of time.

It’s comfortable and easy to put on. Again the front or back aren’t specified by the pattern. It’s not something I could wear under regular clothes but it’s a cute coordinate for the top!

Lovehoney Mindful ECONYL® Fishnet Crotchless Bodystocking

Ok. So here is the piece I was the most worried about. I have never tried a bodystocking before. I never really knew if I liked them or hated them. I love them on superheroes (I mean, catsuits), but like I never saw myself wearing a stocking on my whole body.
However, when I tried this piece, I just couldn’t help but feel myself. The way it adapts to the body, is so seamless. There is no roughness, just smooth curves and I really like how I feel when I wear it. It’s a mix between a dancehall queen/video vixen and a naked Catwoman. Ahah sorry/not sorry about my weird references.

It is crotchless and also has an open back, which makes it super easy to put on but also probably very practical for the bedroom ( or to pee without undressing? ahah).
The only thing I would have improved is the lack of reinforcement at the feet, which makes it less comfortable than the stockings. However, I don’t think I am supposed to wear this piece with shoes, so it’s all good.

I am overall happy I got to try these pieces. It’s an affordable range, eco-conscious, and well-fitting. I always appreciate Lovehoney’s effort to include as many sizes as possible. I remember when this kind of clothes would only fit short and thin people. Now it’s possible to find a good fit for an affordable price and that’s amazing.

What do you think of this range? Would you wear fishnet lingerie?

Love always,

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  1. Kudos to Lovehoney for the eco-conscious initiative that their Mindful collection is a part of.
    I am loving the appearance of the Lovehoney Plus Size Mindful ECONYL® Fishnet Panties (for special occasions) and enjoyed reading your thoughts about and reviews of these eco-friendly fashions and accessories!

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