Hello everyone,
I decided to review this gorgeous Adina Reay Ava silk bodysuit in video format! There will be a picture format on my Patreon where I will post all the photos from the editorial I created with it.

I thought a video would be an efficient way to give you as much information as possible about this very luxurious, indulgent piece of luxury full bust fashion.

xoxo Wen

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2 Replies to “Adina Reay Ava silk full bust bodysuit review (30G)”

  1. I love the pink colour and satiny sheen of the Adina Reay Ava silk wired bodysuit.
    It stands out beautifully being modelled by you in front of the glassy calm blue lake in the video contrasting with and complementing its pink colour.
    I also love the full rear coverage afforded in the design of the bodysuit.
    I also like the feature of the convenient snap closure in the centre of the gusset
    and the pretty lace and embroidered ornamentation on the cups.
    The Adina Reay Ava bodysuit looks very pretty being showcased by you,
    and you video is very informative. I loved watching it.

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