One thing I like to discuss when it comes to sustainability and fashion is the fact that most people don’t know how to take care of their clothes anymore. While it’s amazing to be able to buy the fanciest, strongest, most breathable fabrics out there, with good care, even fast fashion items can last very long years.

The first step towards taking care of garments is obviously to treat them nicely while you wear them, but a close second is what you do after you take them off. The washing process makes all the difference.

[Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Eucalan. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
When I started my lingerie journey, I learned a lot about how to wash different fabrics to avoid damaging expensive pieces prematurely. I extended this knowledge to my other pieces of clothing and quickly, handwashing became a necessary part of my life. Of course, I still have a washing machine. However, for the most delicate pieces, I discovered great lingerie care products such as Eucalan’s popular liquid wash. It just made things so much easier and safer.

The derivative of the company name, Eucalan, is the combination of two of the prominent ingredients from the original product formula — eucalyptus and lanolin.

In addition to its ecological value, the practical significance of Eucalan is that it can be used in both front and top-loading washing machines as well as in a basin for hand-washing. And with its unique no-rinse benefit, Eucalan is the perfect travel companion, making it simple to wash delicates in away-from-home accommodation and hotels. – Eucalan

Handwashing lingerie with Eucalan is quite simple

1.Add Eucalan to a container (basin, sink…) – 1 teaspoon per 4 L of water. I personally evaluate what is best for my lingerie depending on how dirty it is and how many pieces will be washed at the same time.

2.Fill the basin with tepid water (avoid extreme temperature, as they will damage the fibers of your clothes).

3.Insert article(s) to be washed and soak for at least 15 min. Of course, you still have to gently remove any trace of dirt you might see.

4.Squeeze the garment gently to incorporate water and soap through fibers (do not twist your clothes though).

5.Pull the item out of the water and gently squeeze out excess water. Again, do not twist or ring. When possible, I prefer to let my bra dry on a clean towel that I only use for that purpose. This prevents the wires from getting damaged by the weight of the water in the fabric and overall, makes everything dry faster.

Δ WARNING: Dry all items out of direct heat and sunlight.

Eucalan is in my opinion one of the most versatile laundry items I have encountered. It can be used for any fabric, and will even be appropriate for delicate silk satin. I don’t like using many different products for my laundry, so this is honestly the simplest option for me. I use Eucalan so frequently that I just bought a 4L bottle at some point because it was the most practical and economical option.

Note that Eucalan can also be used in the washing machine, I don’t use it this way but it is a possibility for those of you who use the delicate cycle to wash your lingerie.

This product is suitable for sensitive skin as well!


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xoxo Wen

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3 Replies to “Keeping a sustainable wardrobe with Eucalan (+ giveway)”

  1. I had not been heard of or known about Eucalan before reading this.
    It is wonderful to be reminded of the proper methods for washing delicates.
    My last purchase of anything similar was from WinterSilks,
    which I believe is no longer in business.
    These photographs of you showcasing the proper use of Eucalan wash
    are very instructive as well as being stunningly beautiful and artistic.

  2. I personally use a different soap but definitely agree with handwashing. One tip is that if you have a salad spinner, you can use it to remove excess water from bras and other handwashed articles. A large salad spinner can easily accommodate up to about a 36H and sister sizes.

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