A review of the iconic Medusa collection

The illusion mesh trend has been going strong for years now. Some designers actually made it the main concept of their brand, and eventually, everybody wanted to add their own thing to the table.
The thing with illusion mesh is that it seems to mostly come in beige. How many times have I seen black models wearing illusion mesh that made them look “ashy”? Many many times. I have often discussed the matter with models and industry professionals and obviously, there is still a lot of work to do before the industry stops seeing darker skin tones as an afterthought.

[Disclaimer: The items on this review have been provided by Thistle and Spire for the purpose of this article. I have been compensated for my work. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]

Thistle & Spire illusion mesh

However, one brand that I have enjoyed following on social media is Thistle and Spire. Their iconic Medusa design has been so popular among all types of people, of different body types and skin colors. It’s been amazing to see. Was the mesh perfectly sheer and suitable for all types of skin tones? Not exactly. Was it still flattering and making everyone look fabulous? It really was. Photo credit: Joseph Grey, stylist: Shandi Alexander, model Marcia Kim @marcia_creates in Espresso

Last year, I had the pleasure to offer you guys a beautiful Instagram giveaway in collaboration with Thistle & Spire and many of you fell in love with their new full bust options. Well, I am now pleased to let you know that they expanded their entire size range to include sizes up to a 3X. They also released 3 extra shades of mesh in order to include as many people as possible.
Photo credit: Joseph Grey, Stylist: Shandi Alexander, Models from left to right: Marcia in Espresso (Small), Amira in Toffee (Extra Small), Kiana in Butterscotch (Medium), Katie in Butterscotch (2X), Madeline in Biscotti (Large) and Ananya in Toffee (Small).

One thing I was surprised about was that the brand didn’t introduce 3 shades darker than their regular mesh. No, actually they realized that their usual beige mesh was too dark for some customers and was actually suitable for warmer skin tones. Because of that, they introduced one shade lighter (Biscotti) and 2 shades darker (Toffee and Expresso). Their initial shade is now called Butterscotch. These shades are available for their current best-sellers, Medusa and Brooklyn Haze.
For the purpose of this review, I got to try 2 of their new shades that I suspect could work for me. I received the Medusa collection in the shades Butterscotch and Toffee.

I am honestly a bit privileged in the “nude” area, as I have often been able to wear what was available on the market as long as it was just slightly darker than the usual “blush” nude. So when I tried Thistle & Spire last year, I found that their usual mesh(Butterscotch) worked well enough for me. It looked perfect in pictures, but it was a bit powdery in real life. So I thought perhaps Toffee would be a possible match.


Toffee is a caramel shade. The mesh is light brown and is very transparent. It comes out very warm against my skin and it has some red hue to it. You know when you try a foundation, there is the concept of undertones. Well, I think my skin has cool/yellow undertones and Toffee would be better for someone with red undertones. However, maybe if I was to tan, it would probably look closer to my skin tone. In any case, it is still very flattering, and not powdery or “ashy”.

I received the Medusa bodysuit in size Small. I honestly love the construction of this piece. It’s different from The smokin’ mirrors bodysuit  I tried last year. I love that it bares the shoulders and back completely and its little hook closure helps keep everything in place.

My breasts are currently a very full 30G, borderline 30GG when I am around my period (full disclaimer, when I took the photos I was at my fullest breast volume). The mesh isn’t stretchy, and I am getting some support from the bust area.

I am sure anybody with bigger breasts would need to size up but for me, it’s a fun piece of lingerie that I might use under halterneck dresses so I don’t need to find a solution to hide the back of a bra.
Another great detail is the gusset which is satin on the outside and cotton on the inside. I love that it provides enough coverage to look elegant and somewhat modest (in my own definition of the word).

The brand also introduced a new coordinate for their Medusa collection. This new high waisted bikini brief is actually my cup of tea. I love the laser cut at the back that prevents visible panty line and the adjustable waist elastic! The two snake embroideries on each side of the panty look very badass and compliment the design of the bra very well.
As my bust has gotten bigger, I am now wearing a size M+ in Thistle and Spire buxom bralette and it fits me very nicely. You can probably tell that my breasts are much fuller than they were when I was wearing a S+. I am happy to report that the band doesn’t feel big even if my underbust measurement hasn’t changed since last year. My previously shallow full on bottom breasts are now more even and I am glad this design still works for me.


As previously stated, the butterscotch shade is actually the one the brand has been selling before this new launch. As you can see, it also works for me. It’s a dark but cool beige. I think the powdery effect acts as a concealer on my skin. The Medusa embroidery is honestly brilliant. While it would never be enough coverage to hide my nipples, it is definitely flattering and photoshoot-worthy. I guess not everything can be worn as outerwear ahah!

This bodysuit, although made for a regular size Small, doesn’t flatten my breasts and simply frames it so beautifully. I feel like a powerful goddess in this collection.

As you can see, if you don’t feel like wearing a bodysuit, the longline bralette and coordinate do a good job at conveying the witchy vibes of Medusa. The thong is great for the minimalistic, and the bikini is perfect if you want some shaping and coverage.For my very narrow hips, the high leg bikini is more flattering but that’s my personal opinion. I also find it rather comfortable and secure.
I am definitely more of a high-waisted brief type of person so I am very happy about this addition to the Medusa collection.

Bikini briefs in Toffee (left) and Butterscotch(right).

As you can see, the back of the brief isn’t fully transparent, but the front is made of the same mesh as the bodysuit and bralette. They’re also a little hook and a slidder for adjustability at the waist. For my 26 inches waist, the loosest setting is great.

Medusa is now a very complete collection! For those of you who prefer something more colorful, the brand is also offering the illusion mesh shades and size expansion up to a 3X in their Brooklyn Haze collection. By the way, you can get 10% off this new range with the code WENX10!

Have you tried Thistle & Spire before? What is your favorite product from the brand?

xoxo Wen

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  1. That Medusa embroidery on the Thistle and Spire lingerie ranges very aesthetically pleasing,
    and the Thistle and Spire lingerie ranges it is featured on look very attractive being so beautifully modelled by you in the wonderfully artistic photographs above.
    I have not tried any of the lingerie fashions from Thistle and Spire,
    but I love the colours of the embroidery and of the trim in the Brooklyn Haze range in Limelight.

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